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Basic Info


Necromantic minion made by Skena


Kitche is a custom-built necromantic minion, made as a gift to Mahva*. With how much she was customized, she doesn't quite resemble any known creature, but her features are as follows:

A fox's skull, equipped with a leathery black tongue that is fully prehensile (Kitche does not produce any saliva)

Glowing golden lights for eyes

A feathery ruff of plumage around the base of her skull

A very thin and narrow body

Flight-capable wings with thumbs on the "wrist" joint; similar to a bat's thumbs, but Kitche has two digits on each wrist, and they are longer than a bat's thumbs

Long, skinny legs (think jerboa)

A long, bushy tail that appears almost as thick as her torso, and is fully prehensile (also like a jerboa, this lightly rests on the ground for balance when she's standing; see reference sheet)

Anisodactyl feet

Front inner toe on each foot is larger, longer, and raised, like a velociraptor 

(Colors as seen in the reference sheet; her feathers/fur have an iridescent sheen)

Kitche is capable of speech, though it is mostly restricted to mimicry and repitition (not unlike particularly intelligent species of parrot), and she only ever refers to herself in third-person. She also makes a wide variety of sounds resembling fox gekkers, crow caws, parrot squawks, otter chirping, etc.

She is a spoiled brat and loves Mahva* more than anything else in her little world. Even Skena. Kitche can be very proud, impulsive, and greedy, but as her intelligence is mostly inspired by crows and similar animals, that's likely to be expected.