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Gummy Worm

Pure bastard. Gummy was created with a given drive to collec things Skena would find useful--but he was also given the capacity to learn. So his "programming" evolved into him brazenly trying to steal anything Skena felt fondly towards or spent a lot of time thinking about; his purpose had been to help collect dead things and similar specimens for Skena's use, and while he does very much do that, he's also wont to attempt to make off with books, money, random articles of clothing, or entire people (ineffectively).

Pronunciation GUM - mee

Pronouns He/Him/They/Them

Race Necromantic Construct

Age ~4 years

Do Draw Them
  • Gormless, yet full of crimes
  • Doing cat-like things and emitting pure bastard energy
  • Being affectionate towards Skena in a rather aloof, cat-like way
  • With Skena, Kaleva, Atreyu, or anyone Skena is close to (Check Relationships tab for details)
  • With dead things (hoarding/voring like his unlife depends on it)
Don't Draw Them
  • Looking loving/joyful/etc
  • As a normal cat; he's not a cat, he's his own unique creature--he just has cat parts in him
  • With fur; Gummy is completely hairless (and wrinkly)


Gummy Worm ("Gummy") was created to gather resources and materials for Skena's use; things she would find value in, such as dead animals, natural materials, etc. Gummy, however, has developed very hoarder-esque tendencies, along with a great deal of resource-guarding aggression. He seems marginally affectionate of Skena, however, and will sometimes very ceremoniously give up some of his perceived possessions to her or Kaleva.

Gummy is hairless! He has the faintest peach-fuzz to his "coat" making for an almost suede-like feel, but not enough to visually produce any appearance of hairs; he's very fleshy and very wrinkly. He has a long, somewhat thick prehensile tail, and short legs reminiscent of a dwelf cat, with opposable thumbs on his forepaws that make for grabby little hands. He has a relatively snake-like face (no scales, just more wrinkly skin), complete with heat-sensing organs above his lips along with more traditional nostril holes. He has BIG eyes. He possesses eyelids, but rarely blinks. He has slit pupils (cat-like / snake-like). Gummy makes cat-like noises, but a bit more guttural and dry; usually growls or grunts or yowls if he's particularly displeased, not so much traditional meowing. His purr is dry and rattling, and his sounds of protest sound like those of a cat, but one who has been smoking for fifty years and just got punched in the throat. Gummy is extremely flexible and can seemingly be comfortable in virtually any position!

Gummy was carefully pieced together by Skena using various parts from a number of specimens, including cat, rat, weasel, and snake. Each piece of his anatomy was meticulously preserved, such as his hide being, effectively, leather. All the meat and organs were removed from his anatomy, with preserved tendons and sinew granting him movement instead, and linen wraps around his bones padding them out to provide a similar exterior look and feel as if he still had all his internal structures. But Gummy is completely hollow apart from his skeleton. His jaw can unhinge, and these two details combined allow him to gather materials almost as large as himself by swallowing them whole and carrying them back home. If you try to take something he has deemed "his", no matter how accurate or realistic that claim is, he will make awful noises and fight you for it. He's not very formidable, but he has never once in his existence felt fear, and his disrespect knows no bounds.

Complexion (Highs)
Complexion (Lows)


Skena is the necromancer who created him. He is, really, just an extension of her own consciousness, so he has an unparalleled bond with her, and despite all his independence, is deeply loyal to her. That doesn't mean he always cooperates with her, but in his own grumpy way, he carries a lot of affection for her. After all, he was made to help her, and he enjoys himself the most when he's fulfilling that purpose.


Kaleva is Skena's best friend and living partner, which means Gummy sees a lot of him. After a decade apart, the two reunited when Gummy found Kaleva and, recognizing him from Skena's memories and feeling all the love she had towards her old friend, he attempted to steal the entire person and drag him back to Skena (weirdly, successfully). He's a perpetual grump with everyone who isn't Skena, but sometimes he brings Kaleva dead things, too.


Atreyu is Kaleva's dog, and so Atreyu shares a living space with Gummy as well. Gummy does not play with Atreyu, but Atreyu often tries to play with Gummy. Maybe Gummy sees Atreyu as beneath him, which is hilarious if so, because Gummy barely comes up to the horse-sized dog's ankle.