Leonard Fenretti



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Name(s) Leonard Ciro Fenretti
Age Died at 22.
Height / Weight 5'8" / 127 lbs
Build Thin
Gender Male
Species Human
D.O.B July 13
Occupation CEO and Order Member
Origin Italy
Location Egypt
Orientation Straight
Mana: Main Passive
Mana: Alignment N/A


Leo is a man that, when he sets his mind to something, he really sets his mind to something. He becomes so focused on the task at hand, that he may become borderline obsessive over it, and forget any prior commitments he might have had, or become unable to commit to new plans made after the fact. He's always willing to take on new challenges, even ones that are risky, and becomes very excited about them.

He's also very attentive to his personal life. He treats his loved ones with the utmost respect, and makes sure they know that he would do anything for them... especially those he is romantically involved in. Despite being a tech geek, he seems to know just how to win a woman's heart, and what she wants... though that might just be him knowing Nakia so well.


Prior to becoming part of the Order, his mana was strictly passive, and he was able to unconsciously put it into the tech he created, causing it to work better than it ever would without it. After the Order, he gained the mana of them, allowing him to manipulate sand and teleport using it.

Order Position

When he was first brought into the Order, he was just a lower-level Sandman, dealing with dreams and such. However, since the reorganization, he is now second-in-command to Syraene, and the resident IT expert


When he died, Leo was given a choice. He was given a scroll to read, and sign if he agreed. Upon reading it, he learned more than he realised was properly true.

The sandmen, as most people would call them, were real. They governed the plane of dreams and the dimension of time to an extent.


A portmanteau of 'technology', and his last name, 'Fenretti', Techretti is Leo's own company that he started, specializing in personal tech items to help people's quality of life, that need extra help.


His mother and father are both successful business moguls, and travel around the world. Though they don't see him much, he still keeps in contact with them, and has a good relationship with them as well.


He fell for her very early in his life, and would do anything for her. She is the woman he loves dearly, and he cannot see his life without her.


She is a very close friend of his, both online and off, and he is personally responsible for her headset/hearing aides/central tech hub. He made it for her out of a sheer desire to help her have more of an average life.


While not as close as Desiree, they are still friends, and he created a special visor that can connect to her temples, to give her sight when she had none. Similar to Desiree, he did this to help her out.


He has a deep appreciation for Syraene, seeing her as a mentor and friend, and is forever grateful to her for bringing him into The Order in the first place


  • Leo's face is slightly thinner, but not gaunt. It looks healthy.
  • Leo wears thin rectangular glasses, as he needed them to help him see, but even though he doesn't need them anymore, he likes how they look.
  • Leo looks as though he has permanently tanned skin... which is a possibility, seeing the climate he lives in.
  • His eyes are a light blue, which seem to pop against his skin.
  • He has 2 studs in his upper left ear cartilage and 3 in his upper right ear cartilage.


  • He has naturally blonde hair with blue and pink dyed streaks.
  • It is shoulder length, as he feels he looks better with it, but is usually tied back to keep it out of the way.


  • Leo prefers a messenger bag, as he likes how it looks, and likes the accessibility it offers.
  • When working for the Order, he wears the cloak he is supposed to, though he prefers to keep the hood down.
  • He likes to wear faded blue jeans, as they go with anything, and they are comfortable.
  • He likes his shoes to be sneakers, and he likes them black. His favourite colour to compliment that on them is red.
  • While colour and design hold no preference for him, due to working on technology, and living in a warm climate, he prefers short sleeves, or no sleeves at all.
  • To honour the area he lives in... as well as the woman he loves, he wears a gold ankh necklace that she gave him... and treasures it with his very life.

As a child, Leo knew what it was like to be on his own, but in the best possible way. His parents were world-renown, and high-profile in their fields. As such, they were constantly busy, constantly on the go, and they wanted the best life possible for their son. That being said, they realised that always on the move was no life for a child, so when he was old enough... around 6... they wanted to find a semi-permanent setup where he would be cared for, and they could always keep in contact with him. So, they set him up with a tablet that he could contact them on, but every nanny/sitter they interviewed, Leo didn't like. He was either too scared of them, just didn't like them, or didn't communicate well with them. Just when his parents thought it to be an impossible task, along came a young woman named Nakia Remmington... who Leo was immediately fascinated with, and taken in by. It seemed the decision had been made, so it was arranged that Nakia would look after Leo, as well as let him play with the other children at the daycare, at the travel agency she ran.

After a few years, it became apparent that Leo was VERY much taken by Nakia, and it looked like he had a playful childhood crush on her. Nakia, knowing that Leo was far too young for her, but not wanting to hurt his feelings, told him that if he still felt the same way when he was grown up, she would go on a date with him.

If she's thought Leo would grow out of it, she was wrong. As he aged, not only did his genius and talent in technology mature, but so did his feelings for Nakia. And Nakia had to admit, Leo was growing up into a handsome and sweet young man. One that she would perhaps not mind becoming romantically involved with when the time came.

And the time did come, indeed. That fateful night, the date sealed it. Leo knew he was in love with her... and she knew she was in love with him.

As the years went on, Leo not only became more proficient in tech, it was discovered that he had passive mana, and that he subconsciously put it until the tech he made, thus making it work far better than it normally should have. It seemed like he was on the path of starting up his own tech company, as well. He'd even created a special pair of headphones for a deaf friend of his, that gave her near-perfect hearing, as well as interaction and integration with her tech. Everything seemed to be going smoothly... until the virus hit. A nasty virus that actively ate away at his mana, and one with no known cure. His death was assured.

That night, when the virus finally became too much for him, and his soul slipped from his body, the reaper was ready for him. However... before his soul could be claimed, a woman appeared before them, and offered him a deal; avoid passing on, and become a member of the Order of The Sand. A literal sandman, part of an organization that overlooked sleep, dreams, and to an extent - time.

Leo had so much more to do with his life, so he accepted the deal, and he retained his old life... as well as the duties his new profession bestowed on him... and some powerful active mana, as well.

However, he's never regretted it. He's still with Nakia, he still has his friends... even though he had to die for it, he considers his current 'life' a blessed one.

What is your darkest childhood memory?

It would have to be when my parents couldn't be with me for my birthday one year, and one of the kids that liked to bully me said it was because they didn't love me and wanted to be away from me. I cried for 10 minutes straight, I believe.

What is your darkest childhood memory?

....ignoring people that are literally RIGHT beside me when I get TOO into a project I'm working on.

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