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FTU Sticky Page Doll Code

Suitable for: Any page



Comment on the comment page if you USE or DECIDE TO USE the HTML sheet

For THIS code only- You don't need to credit me - it's kind of a universal code anyway!

Since this is quite universal, there are no rules for it but it'd be a total rip-off if you sell/trade it.




1. Will the code works for free-user?

Yes. All the codes on this account are since I am a free user myself and my Main TH's character directory is made entirely with HTML!

2. How to use this?

I put a brief explanation for each code in my HTML Sheet. If you still don't understand, you can try shooting PMs to this account. I can't promise that I'll answer since I don't log on to here much butt DO NOTpm my main TH regarding FTU code. I want to keep this matter separate.

3. Can you show me how you code YOUR TH?

Eh...Sorry, no. You can try using inspect element with my page and study the code yourselves but I won't give away my raw files. It's the tools of my trade after all!

4. Can you help me with -----? / Can you look at my code?

You can try your luck and PM this account. Don't get mad if I don't. I AM NOT EVEN A PROFESSIONAL CODER. All of these are self-learn so I am not equipped with that much knowledge and still find lots of simple stuff difficult. Again, Don't PM my main

5. Can you code my TH for me?

For free? Sorry, no. Want to commission me? let's see what your demand and budget are. For this, you can PM my Main but not for free services-related stuff. But I don't think I am that capable. You can actually purchase templates from them amazing coders and it costs you less than custom commissions. (So yes, I am not selling myself cheap even if I'm a novice. Coding DOES take time and energy even if it doesn't seems so tto some...  uwu)