Katsu Saito



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Your name is Katsu Saito. At least that's what your mom and dad told you when you were born. It's not a bad name. You spent 20+ years of your life living with it. Most people tend to call you Kat for short. You are an ordinary person that moved to the Galar region with your little sister. You two decided to move there since Sinnoh is far too cold for your taste, and your sister wanted to be close to her girlfriend. You could have stayed home, but helping out at your parent's daycare got boring after a while. You have no interest in involving yourself with the Galar's Champion Cup. As much as you love to battle, you don't want to end up becoming a champion if you somehow beat the current one. Your best friend (and current Sinnoh champion), Ethan, did warn you about the amount of work that comes with being one.


You are the thrall of Giratina and have been one for over a decade. He calls himself Samael. It's not the worst job in the world since it's not like he's torturing you. All he cares about is you teaching him about the things he never gets to see while in the Distortion World and doing some research when it comes to piecing together the authentic story of legendary (and mythical)Pokemon. The latter involves you through exploring other regions to get an idea of the lore of the Gods. You're not sure why Samael is making you do this. It's not like anyone is going to believe that you are bound to a ghost dragon, and their decades' long assumptions about legends are incorrect. Perhaps, Samael just like the idea of having someone who can understand the annoyance of humans not seeing the truth behind things? Granted, how does one expect mortals to get that information out of creatures that avoid human contact as much as possible with how often they try to misuse them? Who knows. Do you have a right to complain when your other option is him consuming you like he supposedly did to that one blue-haired guy that you dealt with years ago?

Anyway, here you are in Galar. You have been here for a year now. You have been living a quiet life in the town of Postwick. Your boss hasn't been pushing you into doing what he typically asks you to do. It's not surprising. Galar is unfamiliar territory to him, and his curiosity lies in what the region has to offer. That and he seems to have softened up on you. Ok. That one might be a lie, but you like to believe otherwise. Unfortunately, you had the misfortunate of dealing with the lovely Galar champion, Leon. Ever since that battle you had with him when you two first met, he's been egging you to participate in the Galar Gym Challenge. You always refuse whenever he does. As much you want to wipe that stupid grin off his face, you have no interest in involving yourself in it. The idea of becoming a Champion is not on your wish list. This would have continued this way if Leon didn't take a jab at how you fight competitively. Normally, you would ignore it. You always do. However, with how often you hear Leon being described as being the best trainer around and how cocky he sounds, your competitive side won't allow that.

Here you are, starting your adventure in Galar. You decide to start from scratch because you like the idea of kicking Leon's ass with a new team. You are hoping to Arceus that you avoid dumb shenanigans similar to your Sinnoh adventures. However, seeing how you have a weird dog following with you, a ghost dragon as your boss, and the people you're dealing with, you're positive that's not gonna happen.


5'7 ft (170.18 cm)
151.8 lbs (68.9 kg)

Katsu has a stocky built with a tannish skin tone. His soft features do make the male look a lot younger than he is. On his back is a tattoo of a golden crown broken up into three pieces. This crown resembles the crest on Giratina's head. Katsu's body is covered in scars with the most prominent being the large burn scar covering his back. Despite the scar, the tattoo remains prominent on top of it. Katsu has spiky (and shaggy) black hair that comes down to his neck whenever it gets wet. His bangs come in front of his ears and shape itself around his face. Red highlights run through with his hair, taking over the right side of his hair. He has short, thick eyebrows with bright green eyes.

In the story of Immortal Epee up to Crown Tundra, Katsu wears a black, collarless shirt that he often keeps tucked into his trousers. His trousers are black with a white line that separates the white portion on both sides of his pants. Over his shirt is a sleeveless vest that comes a few centimeters above his waist. Fixed on his hands are black and white bracers completed with black fingerless gloves. Completing his outfit is black work boots and a black cloth around his waist that reaches a bit past his knee. Two knotted tails dangled from the back of the cloth, and what looked to be a skull-shaped buckle keeps the garb in place.

Around Immortal Epee: Corrupted Elements, Katsu ends up swapping between his above outfit with a new traveling one. In this, Katsu wears a black western shirt with red stripes running vertically along it and black pants that come down to his ankles. His pants cover his golden riding boots and are held up by a matching colored belt. Completing the outfit is long gray coat and a black cowboy hat with a golden band around it. Occasionally, he wears shades and fingerless gloves alongside this outfit.

Sometime during Corrupted Elements,Katsu's above outfit would end up being destroyed, resulting in him replacing it. By then, he wears a red western shirt with a black and white speckled vest over it with golden buttons keeping it together. These partially covered his dark gray pants with what looked be a black sash-like belt with golden ornaments shaped like claws dangling off of it. His pants covers his black dress shoes that possess a golden heel and toe cap that is splt in the center to resemble clawed toes. Alongside this, Katsu wears a long black coat that splits into four sections with red tips along the bottom and golden gauntlets (complete with black fingerless gloves). Completing the outfit is a black cowboy hat with a light gray pants and golden crest similar to the one found on Giratina pinned to its front.

  • The red streak in Katsu's hair came as a result of being Giratina's thrall. It's not something that he can get rid of through hair dyes as it will always come back in a new spot of his hair.
  • As with those who participate in the Galar Gym Challenge, the male wears the Challenger outfit (the one on the left) when he has to. Occasionally, he wears his vest with it. He eventually wears the two outfits seen in the link on the right when he becomes Champion.
    • Speaking of which, the number he chose for his outfit is #389. This is in reference to the species number of his first starter (Torterra).
  • Katsu scars come from his handling of Pokemon. Due to his parents running a daycare and the fact he handles rowdy Pokemon, it's no surprise that the male is covered in scars. For a look at his scars, please refer to this.
    • Speaking of scars, the burn scar on his back came from receiving a Max Flare to the back from Eternatus after the first fight with him. Needless to say, that hurt quite a bit.
  • Katsu stocky built came as a result of training with hardy Pokemon and maintaining a decent workout routine.
  • Samael can take control of Katsu occasionally. It's a rare occurrence with how draining it can be. A good way to tell if Giratina is controlling Katsu is by the eye color. Katsu's eyes would be red if Samael is in control.
  • Sometime after the events of Tundra and Corrupted Elements, the male ends up growing a goatee. As you can imagine, he is very pleased with said goatee.
  • Around his neck is a necklace with a G-shaped pendant. This necklace was something that Katsu received from his grandma before she passed away. He would eventually give this necklace to Leon sometime around Isle of Armor.
  • After becoming Champion, Katsu starts to grow his hair out, getting a slightly curly, tousled look to it.
  • Katsu won't admit it, but he's a sucker for any cat-related clothing (and merchandise). Hoodies with cat ears attached to it? Yep. Shirts with Meowth on it? Oh yes. Pants with cute cat paws prints on him? Sign him the hell up.



  • Snarky
  • Protective Older Brother Figure
  • Cynical
  • Empathic


  • Cats. Despite not having any on his team, Kat has a fondness of the felines. Of course, there are a few exceptions here and there.
  • His Pokemon. He considers all his Pokemon his family. He's willing to do anything to make sure they stay safe and strong.
  • Exploring. He enjoys exploring new areas he has never been in. It's always nice to see what strange things the world has to offer.
  • Learning more about the legends. While it may have started off as being a chore, Kat has become interested in learning more about the lore of the legends. Well at the true lore as his boss dubbed it.


  • Social interactions. He's an introverted guy that prefers to keep to himself most of the time. As such, social interactions tend to drain him.
  • Anything bad happening to his Pokemon. He's usually quick to blame himself if anything horrible were to happen to them.
  • Everyone making jabs at his heights. He's not that short. He's just slightly below average.
  • Trainers not making good use of what their Pokemon can do. Do not interact with him if you're a trainer that give your Pokemon horribe moves and refuse to use a Pokemon properly. You get free TRs for doing Max Raids, folks. Use them!

"We must accept life for what it actually is - a challenge to our quality without which we should never know of what stuff we are made, or grow to our full stature."-Robert Louis Stevenson

Katsu is a mysterious character when you first meet him. You will quickly find he's a sarcastic and witty person. His humor derives from making snide, cynical remarks when it comes to most things he tends to deal with. He rarely gets emotional and reacts to most things with indifference. That changes whenever the male is in battle or interacting with specific individuals. Katsu has a habit of teasing others. He makes sure not to overstep his boundaries as he prefers to avoid making others upset. His cynical nature makes the male a bit blunt with his words. He's not a fan of dancing around something as he feels like it's unnecessary. Despite all of this, the male isn't entirely a cold person. The male is introverted based on how reserved he can be and how he limits himself to a smaller group of friends. However, he's not the type to be rude for the sake of being rude. Teasing is mostly out of good fun. Being rude is not. Speaking of introverted, it's clear that Katsu is a lone wolf. He doesn't like relying on others and often tries his best to avoid being in charge (unless it is his team). It's too much work in his eyes, and he hates receiving that responsibility. Interesting enough, Katsu is a very competitive person. The male is a sucker for a Pokemon battle, especially a challenging one. It's one of the few times you see the male so excitable. It also shows that Katsu is an intelligent man. He constantly thinks of new ways for his Pokemon to fight and what moves would be the best fit for them. However, there is that side of him that can be grouchy when he watch certain people fight in battles.

Despite all of this, Katsu is empathic towards the weak and has no problem doing all he can to help them. It's one of the reasons why he can be gentle towards Hop. While the male is technically his rival, Katsu wants to see Hop grow into something more than just his brother. It's one of the reasons he carries a mentor role towards the younger male and often finds ways to help the male grow stronger. In a way, Hop reminds him of how he used to be when he was younger. Hop is one of the few people that get to see that soft, thoughtful side of Katsu he very rarely shows. It does make its appearance every once in a while whenever things get serious. When that happens, it can be jarring.


Strength 81%

Stamina 79%

Dexterity 68%

Resistance 77%

Wisdom 76%

Courage 75%

Strategy 81%

Luck 63%

Battle Style

Katsu has a unique battle style. His battle style can summarize into one word: Freeform. Freeform is a method where the Pokemon do what they feel is necessary at that moment without relying heavily on commands. It's a method that requires a level of trust between Katsu and his Pokemon. It also makes Katsu and his Pokemon harder to predict when it comes to what moves they use. This battle style allows for Katsu to truly take in what goes into battle and notice things he wouldn't normally catch. This battle style requires patience as it relies on Katsu getting a rough idea of how his team fights before he can loosen his control on them. It's not something he always uses depending on the situation. The male has three words he tends to use for his battle style: Impetus (Attack), Defendo (Defend), and Ictos (Dodge). Other words are often tailored to the Pokemon itself (i.e Jasmine being flower theme and Hideo being song based).

Thrall of Giratina

In the world of Pokemon, there exist a group of humans that serve under them. These humans are ones that called "thralls" and, Katsu is one of them. As the thrall of Giratina, Katsu was gifted a few abilities from the God. Common ones he shares with the thralls is the ability to understand Pokémon without the need of a device to translate what they say as well as a longer life span and capability to endure things that a normal human wouldn't be able to withstand. Alongside this, Katsu carry a similar ability as his boss with serving as a beacon for ghost Pokemon (and all things pertaining to the dead) with relative ease and is capable of soothing them due to to the connection they have with him. He is able to feel their current emotions, but not to to level of Samael.

Peak Human Intelligence

It's no secret that Katsu is an intelligent man. The male can use his brain efficiently and effectively by thinking outside the box. His intelligence mostly tends to prevail in battle, though it does extend to stuff outside of that. One of those things is his knowledge of legendary Pokemon. His intelligence is one of the few things that catch people off guard with how he tends to act. One thing that makes the male a bit dangerous when it comes to his intelligence is how he doesn't often limit his perspective. He is always willing to look at things in various ways to get a better understanding of it. This fact is fascinating when you consider this is the man who would complain about certain moves being used on Pokemon. He follows the philosophy of things not being in black and white. As a small note, he does have his moments where he overthink. During those moments, he tends to zone out.

Musical Intuition

During his 10+ years of dealing with Samael, Katsu has picked up the habit of learning how to play the ukulele. For what reason? Mostly because he needed something other than battling (and dealing with Samael) to keep his mind distracted. He's certainly not an expert in playing the ukulele. He believes he still has some ways to get there. However, the male is still pretty decent when it comes to playing it. With how patient he can be, replicating songs through playing is something that isn't too difficult. All it takes is studying the melody of the song played and taking the time to replicate it into a different form. The male also has a decent singing voice. One would argue a bit better than an average person but nothing too special.


The dawn of May 29 was the day that Naoko Saito (Daycare Owner) and Elena Saito (Contest Star/Daycare Owner) welcomed home their twin sons: Katsu Saito and Gael Saito. The two adults were quick to shower their little ones with love the second they were able to hold the tykes. For them, they were the blessed angels that Arceus had kindly sent them for their good deeds and to settle their fear that they would be unable to have kids due to Elena's difficulties with getting pregnant. This fact would prove to be amusing, given how Elena would unintentionally get pregnant with their third child (Akari). Regardless, the Saito family lived a pretty simple life. Naoko and Elena both worked at a daycare they had in Solaceon Town with Elena indulging in contests. The daycare did pay pretty decently with trainers often dropping off their Pokemon to give them space to relax outside Boxes or for breeding purposes. Same goes for Elena's occasional contest battles.


The daycare would be a place that Katsu, Gael, and Akari would work in for most of their life until they would go to Trainers' School. Working at the daycare helped build the bond between the family, and it helped the GAK squad (a term that the three siblings would call themselves when they were young) find out what they wanted to be when they grew up. While the three didn't mind working at the daycare, it wasn't something that they wanted to do for the rest of their life. For Gael, he always finds himself drawn to making food for both humans and Pokemon alike. He always enjoys seeing the reaction Pokemon had whenever they had whatever meal he made for them for the day. It inspired him to what him to find ways to appeal to the taste of Pokemon and humans alike. For Akari, she always wanted to learn more about Pokemon in general. Not just in terms of how they fight but also what made them tick. Seeing the various Pokemon inspired her to want to see what Pokemon that exist in the world. For Katsu, he was always drawn to competitive battle. He enjoyed seeing the various Pokemon that came into the daycare and the various ways that the trainers raise them. Combined with how often he watched the battles involving the Elite Four and Champion, it sparked a level of determination to be just as good as them.

When the time came, the three would be sent to Trainers' School for what they wanted to be. For Gael, it was a Chef. For Akari, it was a Pokemon Researcher. For Katsu, it was a Pokemon Trainer.

Sinnoh Arc

Katsu would be the first of the GAK squad to leave Trainer School. In his defense, his siblings were going into fields of studies that required them to transition into other forms of schooling. After packing the essentials, the young man headed off to Twinleaf Town to meet up with his friend/rival, Ethan Whitlock, to get their starters from Professor Rowan after overhearing the male was back to Sinnoh. Needless to say, Katsu was excited about the whole experience. He was going to embark on the quest to (hopefully) become the Champion of Sinnoh. After reprimanding the two for endangering themselves by going into a route without any Pokemon, Rowan gave the boys the chance to choose their starters. For Katsu, he chose Jasmine (a Turtwig) as his starter while Ethan chose Chimchar as his. After a quick battle with Ethan, the two briefly visit Lake Verity, stumbling upon a mysterious man named Cyrus.

Honestly, encountering Cyrus was the one thing that Katsu states "was the worst mistake in his life".


For weeks, Katsu spent his time taking in the region of Sinnoh. He gained new teammates, met strange characters, and defeated every gym leader he encountered to get closer to his goal of becoming the champion. It was a fun experience! He learned a lot about the region through his talks with Rowan and his aide whenever he stumbled upon them. He enjoyed his battles with Ethan whenever he would see him. He even got to meet his idol, Cynthia, every once in a while. However, the adventure lead him to dealing with many conflicts and encounters with an organization known as Team Galactic. Their goal was to recreate the entire Pokémon universe through the means of the legends of this region. Katsu could never understand why they wanted to do this, but after seeing how they and their leader (Cyrus) acted, he knew their intentions weren't any good. It was why the male made the final trek to Mt. Coronet to prevent Cyrus from summoning Dialga and Palkia at Spear Pillar to prevent the destruction of the world. It was a horrifying thought, but Katsu felt obligated to stop him with everything he went through.

Things didn't go as well as Katsu hoped. In fact, after everything that occurred on that mountain changed his life completely.

When Cyrus tried to harness the powers of Dialga and Palkia, something stopped him. It wasn't Katsu, though. It was something else. Something as old as the two dragons themselves that lurked on a realm opposite of ours. It was a dragon that appeared to have some connections to the ghosts with the wails that emitted from its form. The strange creature broke the Red Chains that clung to Dialga's and Palkia's body. With a scream, the creature dragged Cyrus into its realm. However, it didn't just take Cyrus. It also took Katsu. For what reason? Katsu couldn't tell, but he didn't enjoy this. He tried to fight free of the dragon's hold but failed. He could do nothing as this dragon took him into its realm: the Distortion World.

"Father was a fool to create humans."

Those were the first words to greet Katsu the moment his mind had that second of calmness. The voice was deep yet quiet. It was almost soothing. Unfortunately, it didn't help keep him cool as he was greeted by a pair of large red eyes the second he opened his. The owner of the eyes was the dragon that captured him. It took a serpent-like figure and had its tail was coiled around him. Being in the presence of the thing made it harder to breathe as its aura around him felt heavy. He wanted to run, but he found himself paralyzed in fear. Not only that, but he wasn't sure where he could run to. When he looked around, there wasn't an exit in sight. This place was in was wrong. It defied the laws of physics as the broken pieces of land can be found floating in the sky in the form of islands. Some were upside down with rocks and trees clinging to them without a single care in the world. Waterfalls bend in unnatural ways, unbothered by the gravity. From peeking off the island the dragon and Katsu were on, there wasn't a real bottom to the world. It went into the darkness for miles.

"They are nothing more than trouble. We always hear the same story over and over again. Humans are once again trying to use us for their personal gain. Every time they try, they always nearly cause some catastrophe in the world. A simple solution would be eliminating them all. It doesn't take much. They are nothing compared to us. Don't you agree, little monkey?"

He wanted to scream. He wanted to run. He wanted to do all he can to be far away from this thing. He knew that this dragon knew this based on the way it leans its face closer to his face and stared at him. Katsu cried. It was the only thing he can muster the strength to do at a time like this. He bawled his eyes out, hoping by some miracle that it would save him. The dragon simply snorted at him and lifted his chin up with the tip of its tail.

"To think you are one of the few people that went out of their way to save my siblings. I'm not sure if I should be amused or sad. Regardless, you have nothing to fear. I have no interest in destroying your puny form. You have done nothing to deserve my wrath. I am simply here to offer you a..what's the word for this?.....A proposal. Yes, let's call it that."

"H-huh?" The dragon's words didn't stop his tears. However, it did bring him a bit of relief that he wasn't going to be killed. He was a bit curious as to what the dragon had to offer.

"Become my thrall and you get to keep your life."

"You just said that you had no interest in destroying me!" Needless to say, Katsu was back to crying.

"Yes, I have no interest in destroying you. Just because I have no interest in destroying you doesn't mean I won't do so. Now then, what shall be your choice then? I don't have time to listen to your pathetic wails. I have to find that annoying pest still in my world."

Katsu wasn't sure what he did to deserve this. It wasn't his fault that he got involved in this mess. With tears in his eyes, the male accepted his offer. He didn't have a choice. He wanted to live. He wanted to appreciate life even if it meant he was stuck being the servant of a god he knew nothing about. The moment he agreed, he became drowsy. It wouldn't be long before the male would pass out. When he woke up, he found himself in the hospital with his family and friends around him. Red highlights adore his hair, and the symbol of his ties to the dragon stain his back in the form of a tattoo. Katsu changed after that event. He never told his family about what happened when he was dragged into that vortex by the dragon (revealed to Giratina/Samael later on). He became more anxious, quiet, and uncharacteristically snappy. He went back to completing the Gym Challenge, managing to get as far as the Elite Four. However, he stopped when he finished the last Elite Four member. The male had lost his desire to participate in it with everything that happened. The male wasn't sure he was fit to be with how broken he was and how he was worried about dealing with being the servant of Samael. For his mental health, he needed some time to recuperate.

Post Sinnoh Arc

For years, Katsu spent his time mentally recovering from what he experienced. It was something his family understood and did all they could to support him (even with his refusal to explain what happened). He never did return to being the happy, go-lucky kid. Dealing with a cynical God didn't help in that regard. He became snarkier and sarcastic. However, he did retain some bits of his old self through his interactions with those he's close to. Katsu spent most of his time working at his family's daycare. For a year or two, he went to an Advanced Trainers' School to hone his skills in Pokemon battling. While he may not be interested in being a champion, he still carried that strong interest in Pokemon battles. Eventually, he started exploring the regions outside of Sinnoh. As Samael's thrall, it was his duty to learn more about the legends and serve as the dragon's eyes (as he wasn't allowed to be outside of his world for too long). It wasn't a hard task. It returned Katsu's desire to explore the world and gave him an urge to learn more about the legends. He just wished that Samael didn't forcibly make him his thrall at a young age and traumatized him.

At around 22 years old, the opportunity for Katsu to move out of Sinnoh came in the form of his sister. The female had graduated and decided it was time to move out of the region in favor of Galar. When Akari offered the chance for Katsu to join her, he quickly accepted. He was getting tired of being in Sinnoh, and he wanted to go somewhere different. His twin brother had already moved to Galar with his wife and has mentioned Galar was a nice place to settle down in. With everything packed and wishing their parents bye, Akari and Katsu went off to Galar to settle in.

A year would past for the two and Katsu had spent his time taking care of small tasks for his younger sister and dealing with his ghost boss. Postwick has been the town he and his sister have been living in. The male had befriended a young lad by the name of Hop and became a mentor to him. He often spends his time talking to him about the places he went to and the Pokemon he has seen. On the flip side, he had the misfortune of dealing with the Galar Champion, Leon. With Leon being Hop's older brother, it's no surprise that he met the male. Katsu is not a fan of Leon. He's not a fan of how he dressed, his cheery (and cocky) attitude makes him want to puke, and he won't stop bothering him about participating in the Gym Challenge. He didn't think a single battle with him would make Leon so pushy about that. The sad part is that (somehow) Leon managed to convince him to participate in it after coming home with three of the Galar starters. With Jun selected as his partner, Katsu embarked on another adventure to beat the gym leaders for the sake of getting closer to Leon so he can kick his ass

Galar Arc

The journey to Galar reignited that childish spark that Katsu had when he started in adventure in Sinnoh. Despite being in Galar for a year, he never really explored the region since he didn't see the need to at the time. Now that he was actually taking the time to make use of what the region had to offer, he found himself falling in love with it. The existence of Max Raid Battles, TRs and a vast diversity of Pokémon made Katsu appreciate the region more despite its little flaws here and there. Of course, this isn't ignoring the challenges that the Gym leaders provided. He wasn't going to lie. He enjoyed the charm of going against people who had no problems holding back and indulged in his competitive streak. He just wish that he didn't have to wear this stupid uniform while he had to through the gym challenge.

Through Galar, Katsu found himself building bonds with the gym leaders. Through interactions he have with them outside of gyms and exchanges they have through phone conversations, Katsu finds himself looking at the gym leaders as a second family to him. He finds himself revealing bits of himself and learning more about them. It is through them Katsu notices how worried they were about not appealing to the crowd and dropping to minor gym leaders. He learned about how they struggle with finding a balance with their competitive battle life and their real life as they feared what would happen if they ended up slacking. It became something that Katsu sought to try to find a way to help them. After all, Katsu was a loyal man that wanted to help those he care about in whatever way he can. This can be shown through his interactions with Hop.

When Leon asked Katsu to help Hop become strong, Katsu was obliged to listen. It wasn't because he cared about Leon. It was mostly because he saw himself in Hop. He saw the young boy's desire to become strong and sought to teach him what he knows. For every battle they had, Katsu taught Hop something that he knew would help him later on. Sometimes, it was as if something as simple as what moves a Pokémon should have, and sometimes it was things like what Hop should do to keep his head up. The latter was something that became important after Hop lost his battle with Bede. It was there Katsu realizes Hop's self-confidence and identity was tied to his brother. He saw how desperate that Hop was to have his brother notice him and how he was so worried about ruining his brother's reputation. To Hop, he felt as if he was water spilling onto the book that his brother worked so hard to make. To him, he felt as if that every mistake he makes was ruining those pages Leon worked on and was giving it a bad name. It was there that Katsu realizes that Hop identity was muddled by his whole attachment to Leon, and this wasn't the path he wanted the male to take. As such, he guided him to find his identity and eventually be the one to spark the idea of the young man becoming a Pokémon Professor.


But this isn't the only relationship that would be important to Katsu. Oh no. There was the bond between himself, Leon and Red of all people. As it would turn out, Red (serving as the Kanto Champion at the time) would end in coming to Galar as a means to sponsor this year's championship and learn more about the region of Galar. Red and Katsu would already know of the other's existence due to the two of them being thralls (Red being the thrall of Mew) and a encounter with each other in Alola some years back. Out of amusement, Red would indulge in traveling with Katsu when he wasn't busy taking care of things to get a idea of how Galar was laid out. Occasionally, the two would bump into Leon in the various town they arrived to. What started off being a playful relationship would become one filled with confusion when the three would end up having a one night stand after a night of drinking in Motostoke.

Complicated feelings would spark between them that would become messy after a fight between Katsu and Leon had a nasty argument in Stow-in-Side. The source of this argument was the nature of Katsu curbstomping Bede's team and the lack of remorse he had with the male as a result of what the male did when it came to breaking Hop's spirit. However, harsh words were exchange with Katsu lashing out at Leon not being there for his brother and Leon lashing out about the nature of Katsu going too far. However, it was after that fight that Katsu realized that he was in love with Leon and Red after a conversation with Raihan regarding why the argument was troubling him. After much thought, Katsu would apologize to Leon (with Red convincing the Galar Champion to talk to him) about his actions and would eventually confess his feelings for Red and Leon. It was something that two would return and the three would eventually start dating. It was from there that Katsu realized how stressed Leon was with being a champion and how much pressure that laid on his shoulders. After talking to Red, Katsu sought to become strong enough to beat Leon in order to take over as champion so the male could finally move on.

But Galar was not free from the drama of villainous teams. It was something that Katsu should have realized when he was greeted by Sordward and Shielbert. At first, he paid them no mind as they came off as being nothing more than rich fools with unusual hair and stupid mannerism. However, with how often he saw them, he couldn't help but a bit suspicious espesically after a dinner party in Wyndon. It certainly didn't help that he occasionally saw them with Rose. Katsu wasn't a fan of Rose. He gave off the vibes of Cyrus and frankly he was a bit concern with the male's attention on energy. It's something that Red agreed with him on as it somewhat reminded him of Giovanni to a instant. It would be something that would be proven further upon overhearing Rose's conversation with Leon at Rose's Tower when the Galar Champion was late. However, before he can even investigate what he was planning, Rose interrupted the battle Katsu was going to have with Leon by revealing his plan of starting the Darkest Day. From confronting Rose, Sordward and Shiebert at the Power Plant, Katsu learned that Sordward and Shiebert has given the idea of starting the Darkest Day for Rose as a means for the male to replenish Galar's Dynamax energy. However, for Sordward and Shiebert, they had planned to use this to try to show to the world that they are the heroes by taking the glory from Leon after he defeated Eternatus. However, the three didn't consider Eternatus was going to be a easy Pokemon to deal with. From a silent exchange with Red, Red and Katsu knew that Eternatus was not a normal Pokémon the moment they saw him.

Eternatus was a legendary Pokémon.

This God was a feral one and one of the strongest one around. That was made clear when Eternatus changed into his Enternamax form and nearly killed Katsu when he defended the others from a Max Flare. However, despite this, the male pushed forward to try to save Galar from the legendary Pokemon. Even with the gym leaders, Leon and those close to him learning that he was Samael's thrall (and Red was Mew's thrall), he ignored that in favor to save the region he grew to want to protect. However, he couldn't do alone. He had the help from the gym leaders, Hop, Red, the thrall, Leon as well as Zacian and Zamazenta. The gym leaders help secured their respective towns that became overflowing with Dynamax energy (sparking Pokemon to Pokemon within the city). Hop and Katsu would end up battling Zacian and Zamazenta to prove they are worthy to fight alongside them and to utilize them in battle. With the dogs, Hop, Red and Katsu would join Leon in fighting Eternatus. It was a rough battle that would eventually end with Leon catching Eternatus and being later marked to be marked as his thrall.

After days of recovery, (with Sordward, Shiebert and Rose being jailed for their crimes) Katsu and Leon would have their last battle that has been delayed for so long. It was a tough battle....but in the end, Katsu would win. With his boyfriend no longer champion, Katsu happily took the role and champion with the goal to push Galar to become better after the damage done to the region with the help of Red and Leon by his side. It was after this battle that Red would decide to settle down in Galar instead of continuing his reign as Kanto Champion. In fairness, he was making that slow change to becoming a traveling champion after talking to Leaf and Blue (his two best friends).

Isle of Armor Arc


No one told Katsu that being a Champion was going to be easy especially when you're in the middle of making changes that requires fighting sponsors, and you be dealing with things that your normally introverted self tend to avoid. The months after becoming champion had proven to be quite tiring. He would deal countless sleepless nights arguing with others while focusing on ways to make the gym leaders life a bit less stressful. It would be Leon's idea to take a vacation on a Isle of Armor. He wasn't sure what in the world the island entailed, but Katsu needed a break from everything. As such, himself, Red and Leon would arrive to the Isle of Armor and meet Mustard, his wife and the people in the dojo he runs. Their time in Isle of Armor would be spent focusing on their own growth. With Leon, he struggled with accepting the fact he was no longer champion and found himself wondering if he was truly as strong as he believed. It certainly didn't help that his master revealed the fact that Rose did try to convince him to cheat during his battle with Leon. For Katsu, he struggled with finding a balance between being a good leader to his gym leaders and doing what he can to not ruin the spirit of the Galar's Champion Cup. That and he wanted to avoid the same trap Leon fell into when he was champion. With Red, he worried about the prospect of possibly just being the third wheel of the relationship and deciding what he wanted to do in life.

For Katsu and Leon, they explored this growth through the trials that Mustard laid before them in order to keep the secret armor bestowed to them: El the Kubfu and Afuru the Kubfu. Compared to Katsu's Galar journey, it was a surprisingly more comedic and heartwarming adventure with Leon rebuilding his relationship with Afuru after being away from him for so long and El and Katsu getting into some shenanigans. For Red, he explored this through a new Mewtwo (Riko) that found himself on the island from the region of Kalos that he would raise under his wing alongside his Mewtwo. Of course, this occurred while they were dealing with the shenanigan of Avery and Klara. In the end, Leon and Katsu would complete their respective trials and evolve their Kubfu into Urshifu. After getting the Max Honey needed to Gigantamax their Urshifu, Mustard offer the opportunity for one of them to battle him. However, it wasn't Katsu that fought him. It was Leon. While Katsu wanted to fight him, he believed that Leon deserved the chance to battle Mustard to resolve his issues regarding the fight between him and Mustard. In his heart, he knew that Leon would win......and he did. Leon beat Mustard by the skin of his teeth, and he felt more at ease. With the trials done, the triad took the lessons they learned from Mustard in hopes of improving Galar.

Crown Tundra Arc


2-3 years would pass and things has changed within Galar. There are now seasons within the region, where the gym leaders rotate with the other gym leaders within their respective town. With Leon being the chairman, things in Galar are going nicely. For months, Katsu has considered the thought of marrying Leon and Red. In fact, he already had his rings and a plan to propose to them. He was so close to succeeding in completing said plans...when Leon's and Hop's father (Rue) had to make his appearance and interrupt him before he had a chance. When Rue offered for them to join him and Peony on expeditions, Katsu would have declined...had Calyrex not possesses him and made him say no. He wasn't even aware that Calyrex did that until he properly met him in Tundra. Needless to say, Katsu would have kicked his ass if Leon wasn't quick to take him in as his own.

Katsu's adventures in Tundra has a interesting one. It was spent with him learning more about the legends in Galar with Bede, Red, Raihan, Hop and Leon by his side while trying to figure out a good way to propose to Leon and Red. However, it had a few bumps in the road such as learning that Rose got out of jail and is currently working with Peony, a scary experience where Leon's Charizard ending up losing control as a result of trying out the Kaijumax transformation and Calyrex struggling with feeling to blame for what happen with Galar with Eternatus. However, in the end, things went decently. Katsu dropped his hatred for Rose at realizing that he was very remorseful for what he did and decided the gym leader can decide if they wish to accept Rose's apology. Katsu ended up proposing to Leon and Red, who ended up happily saying yes. Calyrex ended up being adopted into Katsu's, Red's and Leon's family out of his desire to no longer being a king and to find a family.