9 months ago

Meet Matrices!

She is a grey dog-creature with folded back ears. She is dog shaped, with a large muzzle, a brushy tail and a fluffy neck. She has a small fuzzy forehead marking that can be drawn just above her eyes or on the top of her head. It is like a "bentleys mark" on a cattle dog. Her eartips are darker grey and her tailtip is white.

Her ears are important to the character; they aren't pointy/erect! They are pointed, folded back, and considered floppy, a lot like a submissive dog, or a dog with 'rose ears.'

I love seeing an artist's own take on her, so if you choose to draw her, feel free to do so in your own style! She can be clothed or not. Her personality is happy, helpful, supportive, excited, doglike, friendly. Matrices has been my fursona since 1999.

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