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Tsubame (月羽芽) is a Clover (♣) Oto-Chro. Basically, he's a robot that feeds on music and emits resonance from his ears that affect the mood of those around him. His image song is Swan by [Alexandros].


Enchanted by the sight of you singing of your love,
I gazed at the overflowing words
That tricked me once more:
"Will we meet again?"



  • The silver part inside of his ears is supposed to resemble a sound speaker.
  • His symbol is the Clover (Clubs) suit, so his ears and tail are supposed to be Clover-shaped. His shoes are also vaguely Clover-shaped.
  • Please note his see-through plastic sleeves and collar.
  • His shirt flares out to the sides and hasstitching down the front.
    • (please see my crappy ref in the gallery to see what I mean by this)
  • He has asymmetrical hair, alternate-patterned nail polish colors (ie: his left nails are painted differently from his right) and sleeve hem colors, and asymmetrical tights (the tights on the right are ripped, it's not just a circle pattern).


A cold, cynical type. He is not a bad Oto, but is rather depressed and so when he sees other Otos with warm homes and nice owners, it makes him feel upset. This makes him lash out and he's got a "teenaged delinquent" sort of air to him. Tsubame can be very rude and often picks fights with other Otos, though these rarely escalate to physical violence. He's much more likely to lash out with words. He is always sarcastic and looks down on others (while secretly being jealous of them). A bit of a tsundere.


He used to have an owner that he loved, but he feels that the owner betrayed him. Unable to bear the pain, he ran away. Now he travels from place to place between multiple "owners" who are musicians. However, because of this, he is not able to eat properly and that has made him a little bit strange... Tsubame's feelings towards his former owner are complicated. Though he's very hurt by his past, he faithfully clings to the name "Tsubame" that his owner gave him.

Tsubame and Shion are diametrically opposed. Tsubame considers Shion his rival/enemy. They clash because Shion believes in and loves his owner, whereas Tsubame believes that owners in general are bad people and not to be trusted. Shion's positivity irritates him and Tsubame wishes to show Shion the true harshness of the world.