2 years, 7 months ago


Meet Mukilteo!

Mukilteo is my oldest character, his origins are from the stinky vile depths of 1998/1999. His name is pronounced similarly to "knuckle" but with an "m" and a "teo" at the end. He's a lot like the mean older brother of the bunch. His current efforts are spent fighting for Couch Rights in the name of his political movement "Dog Party" ...because bad dogs have no rights, so they have to fight extra hard.

Mukilteo has a ... uhhhh let's call it a "loveable" personality. If left unchecked he is nervous, excitable, antisocial. If he were a real person, nobody would want to be around him... Or would they? Mukilteo is terrible no good and bad, except he HAS to be good because otherwise he gets the shock! zzZap!

He primarily wears a shock collar because that's all that keeps him good. But if he's allowed to be free, he has a GPS/Radio tracking collar because he just can't keep himself outta trouble and someone has to keep an eye on him. He hates clothes and tears them off of himself given half a chance. At most he tolerates pants/shorts and some neckwear (like bandannas, collars).