Even though this pixi is a plushie, soft and warm, they tend to be evasive and rather reclusive. They are far from being unsocial as once they do open up? They're a wealth of information.

This pixi adores creepy things. Scary stories, games, and more. Despite being reclusive, they will always show up when someone is scared and be the guard that the person needs.

☆PixiPets Patchworkz!☆

Polybius is a part of the Patchworkz batch.

Traits include:

Tail: Curly

Ears: Long

Hair: Fluffy

Eyes: Faded purple and faded pink split

Bauble: Star

Unusual trait: Full body stripe pattern, additional patches have patterns

Pattern: Yellow and light yellow pattern, faded pink patches with squiggles that are yellow and purple.