Hello again 😫

Anyone in my mains or secondary mains interest you that isn't marked with πŸ’–β­ ?

I have a bunch of new babies since we last traded ❀

You have some tempting characters!

Sadly no one I'd be willing to trade her for, so sorry! QoQ; I appreciate the offer though! πŸ’–

Do you have an estimate of their worth? I was gonna try and get them to voucher for someone but they'd like to know the current worth estimate ^^

I'm not entirely sure of their worth unfortunately, I sadly don't keep good track of that on my characters ahhhh! I'm so sorry!

For her I'm looking at being able to get a character that has a reference sheet just like her. At least a frontal / back or some type of addition views πŸ’–

Only milkluv stuff or would you look at other things!?

I'm willing to see other offers, but it would mainly be those in my dreamy folder or mainly milkluv. But feel free to show me any offers πŸ’–

I can't seem to see Minnie and Beep ^u^;

Mind linking me to a separate image of them that I can see? ^u^

They're all so cute but I sadly don't see myself using them much, I'm so sorry! QvQ

I appreciate the offer though πŸ’–πŸ’–

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all my page is open for trade this lovely character except Twinkle and MellyπŸ’•

You have so many cute charactersss!
Sadly I didn't really see anyone i'd use much QuQ;
So sorry! I appreciate the offer though πŸ’–πŸ’–

Don’t worry, thanks for telling me and for seeing my characters :3

I have this baby I'd be happy to swap not sure if shes your thing though -https://toyhou.se/10522324.-iris-

They're super cute! sadly i don't really see myself using them too much, so sorry! ^u^
I appreciate the offer though! <3

thank you for having a look ^^ <3

Hi there! If you ever decide to sell, feel free to ping me <3 She's absolutely gorgeous and I'm willing to offer for her in dms if possible! ;w;)/