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Yani Viori

Yani Viori
YAH•nee, vee•OH•ree
3rd of November
Physical Age
~30 years; adult
Actual Age
~90 years
Livian demon
Ashen pureblood
Incapacitated weapon of mass destruction
Languages spoken

Mavo - Native language
Nordic - Advanced

Magic Type

Light - Offensive - Master
Darkness - Offensive - Master

College - Outer Circle, member
Immortalised, artificial powers, spinal injury
Imprisoned, comatose


A bright and sociable man, Yani is a mage whose aspiring progress led him to a watery grave.

Yani always found success in his life, and through his wit, his creativity, and his bright personality his College officials noticed his strength and invited him into a program that would let him change the world. Agreement led to a successful enhancement of both his magic and body, granting him immortality and powers of destruction as he trained.

Not long after he reached the awakening of his new powers, a spinal injury led to the decision to put him into an artificial coma for a few years to let his body restore the severe damage that was caused and have him emerge a healthy weapon ready to be deployed. Plans were halted when his body was stolen by the Guild and he was put into a prison of water where he couldn't breathe, he couldn't eat, he couldn't drink, and he couldn't grow to become more powerful.

Despite its best efforts, they never managed to uncover what secrets Yani held, and fear led them to keep the man under and do anything to prevent him from waking up. As the years dragged on and he was slowly forgotten about, it became more and more of a question if this was a good idea at all.

Quickstats & Design Notes

  • Yani's a positive man who's rarely seen not smiling or showing visible signs of satisfaction

  • His main magic stems from the great imbalance between light and darkness magic wrecking about any body it encounters

  • The purple of his hair is an enchanted dye that keeps new hair the ethereal purple colour even to this date

  • He's been under for slightly over 50 years now

  • While it is hard to gauge how he feels about his longterm imprisonment, it's safe to say he won't be happy to know how much time he spent in an underwater cage



Yani is a pureblooded Ashen man with a light grey skin tone, standing 178 cm or 5'10 tall. Before his capture he weighed 68 kg or 150 lbs, but with his deterioration that has decreased to a mere 55 kg or 123 lbs. His body is fairly lanky with skinnier legs and a more developed chest and arms. He has a lower amount of fat than muscle, but with his extended deprived captivity he has lost a lot of his weight and is pretty low in both aspects, only keeping some of it through his basal metabolism.

He has naturally black hair enchanted to have purple parts and wears it short on his left side and long on his right, with a ponytail forming from the strands by the back of his head, the strands turning purple near the end. It's smooth in texture and the neck-length bang on his right is a soft purple in colour. His face is elongated with both blockier and rounder features, giving him a thin long nose, a widely smiling mouth, and a broad chin with a defined jawline. His eyes are a violet in colour and are slightly hooded with bags underneath them. He always has thick stubble on his chin and a small moustache. On his forehead the symbol signifying his magical enhancement is tattooed in a vibrant purple. His horns are a faded white in colour and bend up slightly over their medium sized length.

He isn't fully dressed in his prison, instead wearing just trousers and a device around his mouth to avoid breathing should he ever surface by accident or swallowing any water. In his day to day outfit he favours purple colours, wearing a dark purple vest covered in lighter splotches, black trousers, and a warm purple cloak-scarf over that. He wears brown boots that reach below his knee and that are ornamented with metal coverings. He likes to wear faded brown leather gloves.


Yani's wardrobe is fairly limited due to his duration under. His main outfit falls into an outdated style that used a lot of colours, but he still likes them regardless of how much of a fashion disaster it makes him. From left to right: regular outfit, formal wear, body reference.


Strengths & Assets

  • Possesses and to a part controls one of the strongest types of magic in the world

  • Has a flexible mind with a creative approach to problem solving

  • Possesses quite the amount of physical strength and combat prowess besides his magic

  • Gained artificial divine immortality, effectively making it nigh impossible for him to die

Weaknesses & Flaws

  • All of the strengths except his immortality are neutralised by his coma; he can't use any magic, nor is he conscious

  • His immortality proves to be a double edged sword, as he can't escape his predicament and without a way out is doomed to stay there forever

  • Training isn't yet complete, so he's not fully mastered using his deadly weapon and risks damaging his own body

  • The theft of his body damaged his spine again, decreasing his mobility in the event he should wake up



Yani's magic relies on a deadly combination of light and darkness magic. This dichotomy works with pure mana energy and for its effectiveness relies on how charged the mana energy is compared to how charged its target is. Darkness energy has a low charge, light a high charge. Light magic in dark flesh wreaks havoc, just like darkness magic in light flesh does. The big flaw of this type is that there needs to be a gap between charges; using magic on someone who has the exact same charge is fairly ineffective.

From there comes the strength in Yani's magic. He sends both light and darkness through his target, which for starters makes it effective to anyone regardless of charge, but which also as good as fries the target from the inside with the quick alternation between a high and low charge. It's comparable to sending scalding hot energy together with freezing cold energy in a body, but is far more destructive. A few seconds are enough to knock someone out cold, and a few extra seconds can suffice to kill a target.

Because of how dangerous this magic is to any flesh, Yani was aided in his training to master his technique for months. This was done to prevent him from damaging both himself and the environment. His accident was unrelated to his magic type, but he was far from finished with training when he was put under to heal.


  • The marking on his forehead was added after his power infusion and is meant to be an easy way to recognise him.

  • In his comatose sleep, his eyes sometimes drift open and seem to stare at those who may be looking into his prison. They often have a wistful look, as if he were aware of his predicament. [x]


Story Summary

[ Coming someday soon ]



Elysnir Imeleth ✦ Best friend

Yani and Elysnir grew up together and have known each other for many years before Yani's disappearance. While he pursued magic, she decided to try out other walks of life, and he feared losing her over their different paths. Especially when he got his power infusion, there was a mutual fear they'd lose contact.

Regardless, things didn't go that way and they stayed friends even with their diverging paths. Their friendship flourished as he started his training and showed no sign of wilting. The only way that these two could be separated was by force.

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