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Ooh so his hair is enchanted rather than dyed? That's a cute little feature :3c

He does! I wouldn't know where a guy would find pastel purple hair dye that doesn't wash or grow out after a 50 year coma in the 1600's otherwise lD

To specify the enchantment, the idea is that the hair follicles are enchanted and produce a differently coloured hair strand because of it, since enchantment inherently changes the colour of the things that are enchanted. Logically, it probably would cause cancer in the long term, but let my babies have their cool hair ūüĎÄ

That's a fair point.  Really cool solution tho :D

Is magic in your universe generally dangerous at a toxic level?  Are there long term effects from using it too much, e.g. cancer?

That's a really good question, and one that (sadly) requires a very long answer!

To put it very shortly, yes, it is highly toxic simply because of its potential to edit the world. Many mages kill or hurt themselves or others by accident. But the use of magic itself is not dangerous.

The longer answer would be that no magic except for god magic is sentient, meaning that it has no will of its own and is nothing more than a tool of the wielder to manipulate the world with. Just like a spark of fire in the hands of an inexperienced survivalist is more likely to burn down an entire forest than perfectly roast their meat, magic is more likely to have things go wrong since there's no course correction to its effects like our biochemical bodies have.

The best example I can give would be life and death magic, which are a highly specific type of magic that sometimes edit the genome. Life mage who has no idea that genes even exist accidentally edits the tumour protection out of a few of his bodily cells, develops a deadly cancer a few years later. Not to mention that because they deal with living subjects, accidentally editing the genome is very common, and also a reason why both life manipulation and healing are dangerous and cause a lot of cancers. It just happens on accident.

For a more poisonous look on the usage of magic itself, I'm not really out of it yet. Does your liver get poisoned for being used over and over to store and break down sugars? It does, but unless you introduce a lot of hard to break down substances to your body over an extended period of time and you abuse the organ to do something it shouldn't be capable of, not at a rate that we would call it poison, but rather ageing. 

Magic is also cast with an organ located between the stomach and the liver and cast through the wrists or connections between the wrists and the organ, so if a person gets old and uses a lot of magic it'll naturally wear out a little. I'm not sure if something like magic overdose exists, since the body doesn't really interact with its stored mana, it simply conducts it through its veins and nerves and when it's at its capacity, it just won't attract anymore mana. Maybe with age comes a reduced capacity to attract mana, kinda like an eroded magnet? I actually wrote about it here, if you wanna read more on exactly how this mechanic works!

It probably has no big drawback if used in moderation, or not a traditional one that most fantasy would use. Its drawback is the same as any ageing body part. Calcified muscles, burnt out livers, kidney disease, weakened heart, shallow veins, shorter DNA strands, and a weaker mana pool. Though maybe I can think of a way for traces of mana to still be in the body? I still can't answer that because my magic is so complex already that I need a whole blackboard full of how it works c':

I hope that answers it? I misunderstood the question a little at first but decided to keep my first answer in ;v;

Oooh thanks for the long answer!  Answers my question and more.  I like the toxic effect as a drawback to balance out magic use personally.