Assorted Na'im AUs



2 years, 9 months ago


Repository for all of Na'im's versions. Some have their own pages, which will be linked out, and some are tabbed on this page because I didn't plan this well. (If the tabs don't exist yet, I just haven't made them.)

SOME TAB GALLERIES CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT (or WILL), check your filter settings or don't click the thumbnails - pics are tagged accordingly.

I know tables are ugly as hell but whatever. The AUs are grouped loosely by similar personalities

big hearts, big anxietyfucked up from the floor up
Na'im ibn Talib - regular ol' dude, no AUs, modern/gen (PAGE IS HERE)Na'im Rasim - mercenary AU, original fantasy setting (PAGE IS HERE)
Rokur - LOTR dwarf, fantasy AU, jeweler and travelerNa'im Rasim (again) - Off-branch of above, "what if he got sold off instead of forced to be a merc" AU-of-the-AU (closer to "big hearts, big anxiety" tbh)
Merman-Na'im - undeveloped but cute idea, made for Mer-MayDamascus - "what if i smashed merc-Na'im and Bucky Barnes together" superpowers AU
(Star Wars AU) - VERY OLD, needs reworking but he's a cute jediZenith - sci-fi AU, loner mercenary type, big hottie but no social skills
(Dragon Age AU) - Dalish mage, undeveloped(Dishonored AU) - might get a new name? undeveloped

Look, these AUs are just for porn. Low plot. Just fun.
(Witch AU) - this is entirely for fucky magic purposes/art, undeveloped
( Cow AU ) - it's the year of the ox. don't look at me. self-indulgent as hell