Ariadne Delacroix



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  • Name Ariadne Delacroix
  • Nickname Aria; Lux Angel
  • Age 21
  • Birthday September 15th | Virgo
  • Gender Female
  • Orientation Bisexual
  • Species Human
  • Alignment Lawful Good
  • Height 5'05"
  • Build Hourglass
  • Faction Sainte Ciel's Academie of Holy Magic
  • Language Arcanic | Astrean
  • Class Cleric/Priestess
  • Profession Prodigy University Student selected by the heralds of Hevanas
  • Hometown The city of Versailles, Kaltain in Amestris
  • Current Location The city of Astrea, Arcadia in Amestris
  • Birthplace The city of Versailles, Kaltain in Amestris



Ariadne is a studious, determined girl with a desire to uncover the truth and help others achieve equality. She is kind and positive, with a calm, confident aura about her. She is at peace with her place in the world, and only wants to help others find their way. Despite the teachings of her university to look down upon denizens from Hellas, commonly labeled demons, she knows better than to accept their skewed narrative and think for herself. She is very organized and tends to obsess over details, fussing over people she cares about deeply.


Ariadne is 5'5 and has an hourglass-shaped body; she has long orange hair and bright green eyes. She's fairly pale-skinned, and she always wears glasses. She often wears her hair down, but occasionally will have it braided back and worn with a ribbon or headband. She's very fond of the color red, and wears it pretty much with every outfit. She even has a pair of red-rimmed glasses that she wears from time to time. Her style is typically modest, mature, and represents her path as a priestess and cleric.


Ariadne was born in the northern country of Kaltain, one of the Arcadian Empire's nations. When she was about eight years old, she started showing signs of healing magic, particularly light magic. She was recruited by Arcadia's education-based city-state, Astrea, and starting going to the best school in the Empire, Mahora Academy. She quickly became one of the highest ranking students, based on her performance, test scores, and studious, dedicated approach to magical education. Once she turned fifteen, she was eligible to apply for the sector of Astrea's schooling system that focused heavily on light magic, holy magic. Sainte Ciel's Academie is where she has spent the last six years of her life; learning about ancient magic, healing techniques, combative magic with light, and so on. She has especially learned about the deities of Hevanas, and has even been chosen as a herald for humanity. She meets with angels from Hevanas every so often, and they give her tasks to perform in the real world. Despite Hevanas' narrative on demons, and the denizens of Hellas, Ariadne has hid her neutral view of both angels and demons, which causes trouble later when she is found to be harboring two demons for safety.


  • She has been first of her class, without fail, ever since she was eight years old.
  • She spends an unhealthy amount of time in the massive library complex on Astrea's island.
  • Red is her favorite color, and she almost never wears any outfit that doesn't have red on it.
  • She secretly thinks most angels are pretentious assholes. Especially her guardian angel.

Skills & Abilities

  • Healing | Healing magic is one of her strong suits. It typically comes with a flash of white light, unlike other healing magic.
  • Purification | A skill designed to purify someone from dark magic. It is similar to her healing magic, but on a higher scale. She can effectively return someone to their original state, if they have been possessed or transformed by evil.
  • Light Arrow | Using light magic, she can create arrows that can pierce anything and also dispel dark magic. There are healing properties woven into the light.


  • The color red.
  • Reading books on various subjects.
  • Demons, even though she's not supposed to.
  • Learning new things, and teaching others about them.
  • Fussing over people she cares about, namely Luci.


  • Ignorance.
  • Incompetence.
  • The idea that demons are inherently bad, and angels are inherently good.




Aria helped Luci and her brother sneak into the Academie and pass as normal Eldric elves, to hide them in plain sight from Slothian bounty hunters. Luci trusts her completely, and the two have become extremely close.



Bellamy is Luci's half-brother, who was sold into slavery by their parents who claimed he was a 'burden' because he wasn't full-blooded. Enraged, Luci left home to find her brother and save him from his fate and take him somewhere they could both lead a normal life.



Evangeline has been one of Aria's main sources of information regarding the history of the world, and how dark magic works. She ha also been given a different perspective about Hellas and its people, other than what she is taught by priests.