Sylvian Ambrose




💔 sylvian ambrose 💔

the rose knight

⚔️ 🍃 🥀 🌹 💔 🌹 🥀 🍃 ⚔️

🌹 basics🌹

  • name: sylvian lumiere ambrose
  • species: human?
  • ethnicity: ????
  • birthday: march 22
  • age: late 20s to early 30s
  • gender: genderqueer male 
  • pronouns: he / him
  • orientation: demisexual 
  • profession(s): former knight traveling bard

🥀 appearance 🥀

  • skin: medium dark skin with neutral undertones
  • hair: white with pink iridescence
  • eyes: bright pink with gold sectoral heterochromia (right); unknown (left)
  • height: 5' 10" / 178 cm
  • build: average, slightly muscular
  • other characteristics:
    • always wears an eyepatch over left eye
    • permanent pink lip stain

🍃 personality 🍃

  • alignment: lawful good
  • enneagram: 2w3 (social variant)
  • jung / mbti: enfp-t
  • sloan: scuai (primarily inquisitive)
  • temperament: sanguine / phlegmatic
  • zodiac: aries (w/ pisces cusp)
  • positive traits: creative, empathetic, passionate
  • neutral traits: optimistic, sociable, trusting
  • negative traits: avoidant, impulsive, resentful

on the outside, sylvian is the stereotypical gregarious bard. carefree and fun-loving, he always having a story to tell or a song to sing. he charms people everywhere he goes, and his constant traveling ensures that his list of acquaintances is ever-growing.

unfortunately, he's also a bit of a stepford smiler. sylvian hides a deep sadness in his heart, feeling disconnected from the people he meets and seemingly unable to make a genuine bond with anyone. despite his innate restlessness, he wants nothing more than to settle down.

⚔️ trivia ⚔️


  • books: romance, action, travel guides
  • drink(s): ???
  • food(s): hearty beef stew
  • fashion style: dandy, metrosexual; the tailored, expensive fits in magazines; bright floral prints, three-piece suits, and swishy capes
  • movies / tv: k-dramas, romance
  • music: alternative, classical
  • hobbies: sewing, cooking, dancing
  • interests: the language of flowers, hanakotoba
  • other likes: art, traveling
  • dislikes: closed spaces, being alone


  • animal: ???
  • colors: rose pink, vivid green, white
  • elements: fire, air, metal
  • flower / plant: oleander
  • major arcana: the lovers
  • mineral: rose quartz
  • playing card: ???
  • scents: petrichor, flowery perfume
  • sin | virtue: envy | charity

🌹 stats 🌹



  • minor chlorokinesis — sylvian constantly has small flowers, grasses, and succulents growing on and around him.


  • rosethorn — sylvian's trusted rapier. one of the first things he crafted when he woke up. greatly increases strength and agility.
  • eyepatch — one of those fancy leather ones, with intricate designs and gold filigree. sylvian never takes it off. decreases magic.

🥀 history 🥀

the person now known as sylvian ambrose had a lonely start to his existence. waking up in an overgrown grove with no name or memories to speak of, his current persona is something he carefully crafted from the ground up. his wanderlust drives him to constantly travel, and he's seen sights that most adventurers could only dream of, and has brought back ballads of their exploits to entertain the common folk.

however, it is not all sunshine and song for him. he has always been haunted by a strange vision: a few strains of a song, a flash of blond hair, and lips the color of roses. is this one of his missing memories? or is there someone out there calling for him...?

🍃 relationships 🍃

  • ???relationship. description.

⚔️ miscellaneous ⚔️

  • on his struggle to make and maintain relationships: sylvian is not the greatest judge of people, and this has lead him to be in not-great situations. sylvian struggles with being truly open with people anyway, so he genuinely tries, but his elevated sense of caution tends to get in the way.
    • on the other hand, sylvian is well aware he's not exactly supposed to be here right now. he was asleep in that grove for years as far as he can tell, so by all rights he should be dead. the sense of "i'm not supposed to be here" is constantly in the background for him because of it.
  • sylvian has a decent-sized pocketwatch collection. he prefers them silver, but has one or two brass ones laying around because they had a gorgeous rose engraving.