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I have characters that have nsfw artwork, but it is all marked mature/may be behind tabs. 

Be aware of this, when you are looking through their pages/tabs!

I keep as many filters up as possible, but if I forget to filter something, PLEASE let me know, and I will fix it! I have memory problems, and may genuinely slip up, at some point. I haven't, yet, but it may happen.

Moving on....

Do NOT take my characters/designs, ESPECIALLY if the design you are trying to steal, is one that someone purchased off of me. That is beyond wrong, and I don't tolerate it.

Do NOT "kin" with any of my OCs or fursona's. Not as a joke, not out of spite, DON'T do it. I will block you. 

Some of my characters suffer from similar physical illnesses to me (primarily chronic pain), if that is something that makes you uncomfortable, please be mindful of warnings on profiles, or particular breeds. (I have a warriors cats OC that is a Scottish fold mix, and he suffers from chronic pain, due to his breed; as an example.)

I have some kink art of my main fursona (and likely others, soon), but it is in seperate tabs, and properly filtered. You shouldn't find it, unless you seek it out. So, if you complain about it, after seeking it out... I don't know what to tell you.

For my fellow adult humans, I do allow nsfw art of my characters to be drawn, but if you're unsure of a theme/if I'm comfortable with it or not, please ask me!

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