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Ancient . Lich . Anti-Hero

Reaver Armitage
Reaver, Voids Chosen
Unknown - Claims Springtime
Her/Him, They/Them
Ancient | Lich
Anti-Hero | Antagonist



Chaos (usually) in the form of a man, Reaver is the best at what he does: the exact opposite of what you want him to do. Time and Sentiment have no place in the life of a multi-dimensional world destroying being, and it shows in his actions and pursuits. Very few are able to stand being around him for long, both due to his obnoxiously selfish behavior, and the constant flow of dark matter and energy he exudes at all times as the entity within him seeks to consume, consume, consume. Some would say it is a constant struggle or never ending battle, but Reaver is more than happy to pillage worlds and feed his insatiable craving for energy and life. If he is allowed.

Not far behind, often in the chaos he leaves in his wake, is another Ancient that trails him and seeks to mitigate the damage he can do. Whether or not he is successful depends entirely on how pliant Reaver is feeling that day.



Reaver is stubborn to a fault. He will not back down from any challenge, no matter how dangerous, devilish, or dastardly it happens to be. He will literally tear his body apart and rebuild it to prove a point - no matter the kind of immense physical pain this can cause him, speaking nothing of the psychological damage it does to be unmade and remade over and over again.


Reaver knows best, and he's willing to prove it. Usually, he's not even wrong, and it drives those around him mad with how capable and skilled he actually is behind what appear to be empty boasts at first. He has no issues bragging for hours, or days, on end about his past conquests.


Though he prefers to play things casual and devil-may-care, Reaver is a highly intelligent and calculating individual. Often thinking what seems like a few years ahead of those he's talking to, he can impart some oddly apt wisdom at random times. He is quick to follow it up with a crude or dumb joke, but the shine in his eyes betrays the dumb smirk on his face.


Though he believs himself to be limitless in power and capabilities, Reaver believes he exists to serve a purpose in the universe and worlds he exists in. He doesn't strive to be better than he knows he is because he believes it to be futile to attempt to change himself. While he thrives in chaos, he believes it has a purpose..


It is exceptionally hard to distinguish the truth from lies as they fall from Reaver's lips, always curled into a sardonic and mirthful smile no matter the topic of conversation. He lies out of habit, he lies for fun, and if you ask the beings that have known him longest they will tell you they believe he lies because he doesn't know how to tell the truth without being forced to.


Reaver knows people have feelings, really he does, he just chooses to destroy them anyways. Incredibly brash and rude by design, Reaver speaks his mind whenever he chooses to, whether it's to a King or to a Peasant, he will tell you exactly what he thinks of you. His mouth has gotten him into trouble countless times, but he continues to behave as he does anyway.


Athletic / Lean
Skin Tone
Tanned, covered in Tattoos
Gold | Pink
Messy/lazy half or full ponytail
Depends on the world he is inhabiting, usually striking robes inlaid with gold.

+ Takes care of his appearance, but has absolutely no issues looking like a hobo if he feels like it, either.
+ He doesn't style his hair, because he hates it.
+ His tattoos can and do change on the fly, and some of them exist strictly to hold his body together when he expends too much magic and resemble "stitching".
+ He tries to keep tattoos off his face, but they appear there without his consent sometimes.


+ Reaver claims he has a genetic brother, but regardless of the fact he is a perpetual liar - no one has ever seen hide nor hair of evidence supporting this.

+ Reaver hates the color pink. He has the power to reform his entire physical being, but he cannot change the color of his hair.

+ If caught speaking to himself, he will claim he's speaking to "the void". Uncomfirmed if this is bullshit or not.

+ There are only seven known Lich's in existance, but none are quite the same as Reaver.

+ Reaver claims he cannot kill Grigori because of "weird magics" protecting the other Ancient. Grigori stands firmly on the stance that Reaver has never really tried.

+ Grigori does not let other living beings get close to Reaver, but when teased that it is because he is jealous he proclaims it is because he fears for their own safety.

+ The amount of times Reaver has lost his corporeal form and been forced to reshape himself is not known, and he is visibly uncomfortable if the topic is pushed.

+ Reaver does not remember when, or where, he originally came from.

+ Reaver can remember every single other detail about his life, regardless of importance.

+ When asked, Reaver declares that the souls of the living have no taste, but burn when consumed.

+ Reaver doesn't need to sleep regularly, but there are periods of time he will sleep for months or years in succession. Grigori watches over him during this time.

+ While he may be rude and arrogant, Reaver does not actually dislike anyone besides those who are deserving of it, nor does he think himself more important than anyone else.

+ If the mood strikes him, he could pull an entire planet out of turmoil and win wars with barely any effort. It's not easy to persuade him, though.



Possibly one of the few beings in existance that would, and could, call Reaver friend, Grigori is another Ancient from a bygone era. Initially tasked with serving the same King, after the fall of their empire when Reaver took to hopping between worlds - Grigori decided to follow him. At first it was simply to "keep an eye on him", but it would be asinine to deny Grigori does not follow him for more personal reasons, now. Grigori is the only living thing Reaver cannot kill.

Rylaii Vulpi

A mage Reaver stumbled across during his travels, who doesn't seem phased by his unnatural state of being or cruel jesting. Her quick reaction to her natural intincts saved her world from being consumed by his chaotic storm, and he mildly respect her for her efforts.

Fas Anora

An ancient...Ancient, that seems timeless in a way that even Reaver does not understand. She flits through the ages and years like she's walking through a mere veil, and always seems to be in places Reaver would rather find no other living soul in. If she tries to console him and tell him his future one more time, he might try harder to kill her.


Where Reaver is all chaos and divine smiting, Inari is Harmony and healing. His counter in many ways, he can't help but be drawn to her when he is at his weakest and lowest points. She seems uncomfortable by his presence, but only because she cannot sew him back together like the mortal lives she toils in. Her insinuations about his interpersonal relationship with a certain golden eye'd dragon usually spoil the mood, though.



There are few beings still alive today that have both incurred Reaver's full wrath, and lived to tell the tale. Bahamut is one of those creatures who seems impossible to kill despite Reaver's truthfully best efforts. After their last altercationi he fled to worlds unknown, and Reaver has been hunting him ever since.


An Ancient tasked with hunting corruption and dark magic that threatens the known worlds, Smoak is more of an annoyance to Reaver than a true threat. While Smoak is capable of weakening him to near mortal levels, he cannot seem to finish the job before the process takes a toll on him. Reaver avoids him as best he can, and pretends not to notice if Grigori subtly stands between the two's paths.

Mordred // Mitleid

A beast of unfathomable hatred and an all controlling desire to consume the souls of the living, it is an ancient that has been fused together with many unwilling souls as they die - creating the hydra-esque creature that seems to rot and reform every second that it is exposed to time. It is as undying as Reaver himself, and when faced with this creature he is powerless to stop the effects it has on the very power within his own body. Very possibly - it is the only thing that could consume him. Fitting, for it is he who created it.


Perhaps the greatest of betrayals, come from those you find you love the most.




Reaver was born as an Ancient, pure and simple, and much like all other Ancients at the time that meant he could assume the form of a great Dragon or Wyrm, or something more akin to what most worlds considered "human". Reaver always preferred the latter, for if offered him greater control and precision in Magic. He found the physical power worthless to himself in his Dragon form, and rarely used it. Where a normal Ancient would be seen as weaker in this state without access to their superior size and power, Reaver was anything but. His magic was unmatched and very few could stand against him - even before it all went to hell.

Some undetermined amount of time after Reaver was officially born into the world, he encountered a creature born of the Void. Twisting and roiling in it's corruption, it sought to consume him and the magic he housed within his corporeal form as they did battle for days and weeks on end. It nearly would have succeeded too, if not for in the end Reaver attempted one last gambit - absorbing the thing directly into his own body. It became fused with his magic and soul and in a way a part of his very essence. It gave him an immortal life - something most Ancients already very nearly had - but in this case it was different.

After absorbing the Void itself, Reaver could not be killed. His body could be torn asunder and scattered into the winds, and it would just reform unconciously after a time, or conciously if he planned ahead for it. He stopped aging entirely, even the way Ancients normally did, which was by choice. He seemed frozen in time in both body and soul, which only bothered him if it bothered those close to him. But perhaps the worst curse of all was the debilitating HUNGER that came with his newfound attachment to the fathomless void. His body craved the lifeforce of other living things, and if he refused the indulgence for too long his mind began to fray at the edges. He was powerless to stop it and eventually, he stopped trying alltogether.

Fall of The Radiant

It was a millenia before Reaver settled in place long enough to ping the awareness of other living beings after his initial encounter with the Void. When he did, a certain King took notice of his abilities and unique set of skills regarding the souls of other living creatures. This King took him in, gave him a platform to work from and the power to execute his experiments, and unleashed Reaver's own folly upon the world.

It wasn't long before Reaver's own ambitions were outshined by the Kings, and said Kings madness began to shine through his idylic and utopian like approach to his kingdom. Unrest flooded the streets as supposed "traitors" were executed, and the constructs and beings Reaver himself had created were used against the people he was told he was protecting. When the King began sacrificing his own loyal subjects to fuel his own greed, Reaver assisted a group of Ancients led by his friend Grigori in tearing the foundations of the corrupt regime down - at great personal cost.

In the aftermath of the war and fighting, Reaver found solace in the few souls he considered his allies and friends. He traveled with them, seeking out the King that had fled the battle as they sought revenge for his betrayal, though never fully invested in their hunt. They spent nearly a century like this, wayward hunters narrowly missing their quarry before the relative stability Reaver knew came crashing down around him.

proditione, amor, aeternum


Reaver grew close with Grigori, though he loved to needle and provoke the other Ancient as a pasttime and to get a rise out of him. His days of sewing chaos and creating monsters that lived in the dark long passed, he used the great power and strength contained in his body for more or less good deeds at the request of his travelling troupe. The Princes the the kingsom they'd destroyed played a particularly effective role in keeping him tamed, though he was ashamed to admit it.

Like most good things in Reaver's life, that too came to an end in a dramatic flourish and finite way. The Princes, Morgana, was the only other living soul that knew how Reaver's magic worked - both the arcane magic and the void holding him together - and she used it to her advantage when they narrowly missed her father once more. She pulled the void from him without his consent, tearing his body apart as she weilded magic and Void she could never hope to control. She believed it could bend the very fabric of reality itself, and she was desperate for revenge. All it did was kill her, consume her like it consumed everything else in Reaver's life, and after that Reaver wanted no more part in the merry band of revenge seekers.

He left, trailed shortly after by Grigori, and wandered the cosmos without a purpose. Occassionally he can be persuaded to take interest in a worlds plights, but more often than not he only takes interest if Grigori beckons him to do so. He seeks the Void and it's secrets, desperate for answers and more power. And above all else, to just be alone.