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Name Omega
Age 803
Height ???
Build Ethereal
Species Osiri
Gender Male
Orientation Heterosexual
Homeworld Sypth
Occupation Drug Dealer
In Use? No
Design Notes

  • He always has at least 5 or more knives with him.
  • He always has a multitude of drugs with him, ranging from regular ones for getting high, or much more dangerous substances.
  • He is ethereal, but can still pick up objects and be touched by others.
  • Omega has blood red eyes, and his stare can nearly paralyze the easily scared, and even those that aren't scared of many things.
  • He is extremely territorial, especially with other Osiri or Isri involved.

Omega is very aggressive and hostile. If he's seen you, he's probably already readying a knife to stab with. He's only docile when around his wife or when he's had coffee.


  • Omega is a hybrid of two types of Osiri, making him smaller than most Osiri on Sypth.
  • It's unknown where he stores things with him, but he seems to pull things out from behind himself.
  • Omega is the oldest living Osiri ever documented. Most Osiri "pop" within a few years of living.
  • He loves to carve his name into his victims, usually the symbol (Ω) since he can't spell.
  • Omega originated as a different character's manifestation of his hatred and anger. This has since been retconned.
  • He has a love for wine, and has his own room full of wine bottles in Syalval's "church", the Anihm-Reht.
  • Omega is incredibly stupid. He can be fooled into believing just about anything. He even thinks that his planet is flat.

Omega was born from a very unfortunate event. Just as two Felsylians were creating their world together in their minds, they had to trap an Osiri and its master, another Felsylian, in the world. The Felsylian and Osiri were separated, and out of rage, it took advantage of another Osiri native to the world. The result left the female Osiri traumatized, with the two Felsylians that created the world helping her recover and take care of the child, that child being Omega. He had seemed so innocent and adorable in his early years, but it didn't stay that way.

Omega eventually was left on his own. His mother had died a few weeks after the birth, and the two Felsylians had wiped his memory to ensure he had no knowledge of their involvement. As far as he knew, his parents were both dead, and he was on his own. He had started to become very hostile towards others. He took a liking towards knives, and sold drugs to either get money or just so he could kill those he felt were dumb enough to come too close. He had started to pester one specific individual for quite a few years, and through him, he had met Syalval, a Larthenparsel. At first they were simply neutral to each other. After about a year, they slowly started to learn that they liked each other, with the concept of love being new to the both of them, and eventually got married. They later on had two children, Ash and Ethyl.


  • Knives
  • Coffee
  • Killing

  • Not getting to kill things
  • Being told things he doesn't believe
  • Felsylians
  • Isri

Syalval | Married

Her nickname is "Anti". They live together in her "church". She's a Larthenparsel, a large, dragon-like being. It's an unlikely match, but they love each other anyway.

Twig | Tolerates

One of the Felsylians that created the world Omega lives in. Omega tolerates him, but still despises him.

Scribbles | Tolerates

The other Felsylian that created the world Omega lives in. Similarly to Twig, Omega will tolerate her, but still despises her. He has stabbed her in the eyes before, however.