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Name: Felix
Nicknames: "The bard", "stranger"
Species: An old, semi-plantoid species (Name not yet determined)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Residence: Nomadic
Current Occupation: Bard, traveller and merchant

Personality Traits:
Good-natured and polite
Charismatic (Well-spoken, but humble)
Quite intelligent and a quick thinker
Agile when needed (His limbs make him surprisingly good at climbing)

Entertaining for townsfolk(especially children), starlit nights, sparkling campfires

Narrow-minded and bigoted people, thieves, abuse of authority

Felix is a bard, traveler, merchant and occasional poet living in a medieval era. He travels from town to town on foot and plays several instruments, the most common being the lyre. He's a gentle soul who takes great pleasure in entertaining, and as someone who's experienced a lot throughout his journeys, he'll happily share those tales with whoever he comes across. Needless to say the guy has a knack for storytelling, and despite some authorities despising him for his freelance style and lack of allegiance, he is generally regarded as pleasant company. Especially popular among children.

He's quite philosophical and may come across as dreamy. His music often speaks of hope, love and good in the world, but don't be fooled. He is no stranger to the cruelties of it. If anything, that's what made him realize the importance of consolation. He's a realist, but with a humble and positive mindset that knows to value even the smaller things in life. His voice is kind and comforting, probably why he appeals to so many.

Thanks to his travels, he's adept at surviving in nature and knows how to read the environment. He can locate water sources, track animals, find out what grows where as well as knowing its properties. He's an omnivore but only hunts if absolutely necessary. His nomadic lifestyle requires him to bring all belongings with him, and so he makes sure to not have too much. Aside from his instruments, he doesn't carry much of value, though he's never felt the need for such either. On his belt he usually has a recorder, a pan flute and bags with various goods.

As seen by his various small accessories, he's a collector to some extent. By habit, he'll bring something with him from each meaningful place he's come across. Some items, like the bracelets(on his head) and a tiny doll, have been gifted by children who loved his music. He also collects herbs, minerals and other things of value that he finds during travel, though those he will sell/trade at villages as his way to make a living.

His species is an old semi-plantoid race that's become quite uncommon to see, making him both an interesting and unusual sight to the townsfolk. The leaves that grow on him are actual leaves that change with the season and make him capable of photosynthesis to some extent, which refreshes him but does not replace the need for actual food. His skin is a strange hybrid of bark and scale, and the blood is a thick, golden-like colour, acting almost like resin that stiffens to help clog wounds. A lot of his clothing needs to be custom-made or improvised because of his anatomy. His cape is split and the sandals are pretty much just pads, soothing the feet during travel but also leaves the claws open in case he needs better grip. He has five digits on both hands and feet, the middle ones being significantly longer than the ones at the side(think anole lizards).