Creepy Splendorman ✨



2 years, 7 months ago
Arvata Digimitsu


Name: Creepy Splendorman ("Creepy" as to distinguish him from the kinder, more benevolent versions of "Splendorman" made by others)
Nicknames: Splendy, Splendour
Species: Tulpa, a tangible incarnation born out of the collective fears of humankind
Gender: Male
Age: As old as humankind itself
Height: Normally around 8ft(2,4m), can change his height and mass at will
Weight: Changes depending on his height/mass
Residence: Near humans
Purpose: Instills fear and agony upon humans through physical and mental torment, feeding off of their misery/despair

Personality Traits:
Highly charismatic
Always displays gentlemanly behaviour (Especially towards his prey. Has an almost flirty edge to his words that can both charm and frighten his target.)
Calm and collected at all times
Emits a rather ominous vibe (As if he might snatch you up at any time regardless of how calm he appears)
Highly attentive to those he spends time with
Enjoys teasing his prey in sinister ways and watching them struggle
Is good at being annoying and teaseful in general
Mostly communicates telepathically

Breaking "tough" prey and subduing them mentally, spending time around "obedient" prey, annoying/teasing others with pointless things, people who genuinely put up with him when they're not forced to, his pet venus flytrap who perches on his hat(name's "Flappy"), fresh human meat, getting massaged

Disturbances during hunting, boring prey that has little reaction to him, people with a lack of respect or acknowledgement towards who he is, having his prey contested(by other predators, though this rarely happens)

Like his elder and notably more famous relative, the Splendorman is a mysterious, highly potent entity of unknown age and origin that mostly resides in areas close to, but not in the midst of human civilization. Little is known about him, though one of the most popular beliefs is that he is a form of “tulpa” originating from within the collective minds of humankind, appearing in this world as the physical incarnation of their darkest nightmares in order to hunt and thrive off their fright. He is a natural human predator, seeking out lone or tiny groups of humans, often children, which he will stalk, observe, prey on and manipulate/toy with for his own sheer amusement before often grotesquely killing them off. The purpose of the hunt is not their nutrition as much as the strong, agonized reactions of fear, despair and misery which he instills in his prey during the torture. In order to enjoy those to the fullest, he always makes sure to maintain a close mental connection with the victim, literally intruding their mind to marvel at their horror.

The interpretation of his name is not about bringing splendor and happiness to others, as most of his counterparts do. In his case, roughly put, it means that he will literally go to any lengths to “splendify” his own life by pursuing what he perceives as entertaining. And while he’s not particularly picky with this(even simple things such as a pretty sunset can please him for a while), his favourite way of going about it is enjoying the strong reactions he induces in his targets. He is highly sensitive to even small changes in others’ emotional state and has, among various others, the ability to manipulate emotions, communicate telepathically and, to a certain extent, control/read the minds of his prey. He is speculated to be a semi-physical, pandimensional creature due to his various unexplainable abilities like the ones mentioned above, sometimes seeming to operate in a plane of existence which cannot be fully comprehended by the simple, three-dimensional human mind. Being capable of disappearing, reappearing and even manipulating his own matter by changing its shape, he can easily evaporate, condense or even liquefy his body at will. The most common use of this ability, however, is to project extra appendages, or tendrils, from his back which serve as either limbs, fear-instilling elements or lethal weapons. These factors demonstrate such a loose connection to his physical body that it is hinted he might not actually be dependent on it to survive, the theory being strongly supported by his swift, effortless regeneration even after taking significant damage, such as 3rd degree  burns, mutilation and even decapitation.

As an entity strongly intrigued by his victims, the Splendorman is more than often willing to spare a human should they have anything of interest to offer him, or even if they simply are of amusement. In most cases of the latter, he’d leave them mostly unharmed, only to return at a later time to see if they can live up to their entertainment value. If not, he’d either consume them or, if he deems them as having earned it by pleasing him enough, let them off the hook. It is not unusual for him to have more of an “observing” role in the beginning, selecting his victims carefully before deciding what to do with them.