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There possibly will be porn, gore and all kinds of freaky shit tossed with characters. I am primarily a horror artist so there's a warning about that now.

if you cool with it continue, otherwise this is your only warning o3o;;

Major update notice: 

Not EVERY character has any of the things listed, this is merely a preemptive warning in general encase they do. Chances are something fluffy, rainbow and cute named Skittles is obviously not gonna have anything graphic. Skittles is precious and innocent and i would never hurt her. If you are unsure still feel free to message me and i'll let you know :'3 

*Even if it's present i currently lack anything extreme in my characters, most of the extremeness would be text based details at best.

Adoption notes:

-if your here to take free things and resell them your not welcome, L E A V E.
If you don't want a character you got from me anymore feel free to ask if i want them back, i may even return whatever you paid for them IF i can at that time. I try not to give things freely a lot so don't abuse it if i let you, i expect more out of you if you did this and will likely watch you a lot harder.

I care about every design i have made and owned. Their like living breathing children to me. Don't abuse that.

Steal my characters and not even the anonymity of the internet will save you. Do not test me, please.

Only warning.

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