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Moralistic || Ambitious || Kind || Brave || Judgemental || Gay

"Of course I'd get stuck working with the laziest, least responsible, most selfish demon I've ever met..."

NameLydia DelaneyGenderFemale
Age27 (Leo)SpeciesHuman
  • Her job
  • Quinoa and Chips
  • Working Out
  • Being a hero
  • Girls
  • Robot Girls
  • Guns
  • Incompetence
  • Laziness
  • Messiness
  • Being stuck on the sidelines
  • Soda



Height5'2"Weight108 pounds
  • Albino
  • Super pale skin
  • Paper white hair
  • Pink eyes
BuildShort and thin, but has pretty toned muscle.
Other Features
  • Eyes twitch from time to time, due to Nystagmus.
  • She has a tooth gap.
  • Her eyebrows and eyelashes are also white.
  • Wide, round face. Button nose.
PersonalityLydia's got a bit of a hero complex, and a general "holier-than-thou" mentality that makes her a bit obnoxious, but she is also incredibly caring of others, even those she doesn't like. She's a super ambitious hard worker with an incorriable sense of morality, but this also contributes to her smug sense of superiority.
Magic User StatusMage (Powers controlled by emotion)
Powers/SkillsCan conjure and control holy energy and use it offensively, defensively, or for healing purposes. Like all magic users, her aura grants her a superhuman physique. Her bullets deal more damage, too, even though her gun is perfectly ordinary. Without using her aura, she's no stronger than a normal person, but she's in really good shape.



In High School, Lydia's best friend (at the time) broke her arm in an accident, which caused Lydia to awaken as a magic user and heal the injury. Not long after, she was indoctrinated into the secret world of magic and monster people, and told to keep her new powers a secret from the general population. Now very proficient in healing and holy magic, Lydia works as an FBI agent, working to keep all sorts of supernatural situations under wraps. Still a rookie, she and her robot / golem partner Capricorn were sent to Dresserton, CA to investigate a (not unprecedented) rise in spiritual activity, when Capricorn was suddenly kidnapped by goblins. Now, she's formed a pact with local demon Amvira to work together and find her missing partner, and find the source of the increased spiritual activity.



At the start of the game, Lydia hates and distrusts Amvira, seeing her only as a risky ally in what should be HER quest, as well as disliking her polar opposite personality. Over time, she comes to appreciate her good parts, as well as her sense of fun, but also resents that the story has become about Amvira and not her.
Lydia's senior partner in the FBI. She really wasn't sure what to think of her at first, and felt like she was assigned to her as a "science experiment," even thought she thought Capri was hot. It took them a while but Lydia warmed up to Capricorn and realized she's nowhere near as emotionless as she appears, and by the time the story starts they've saved each other's lives many times. In the end, Lydia even falls in love with Capricorn and they get married.
Lydia's older sister. She was close to her but they drifted apart after she awoke, because of Claudia's insecurities, but she doesn't know why. She wants to extend the Olive Branch and become close to her again but isn't sure how.


In-Game Fighting Style

  • She is an OCA1a variant albino, which means she produces no pigment whatsoever (PIC RELATED)
  • Despite being an albino, Lydia is actually "immune" to sunlight. Not only does she never sunburn, but she can stare into the sun unblinking and not be harmed by it. This is because of her magic.
  • However, she still has other medical conditions from being an albino, noteably Nystagmus. She also wears reading glasses.
  • In High School, before her magic awoke, Lydia was a goth with dyed black hair, dark lipstick and mascara, and she smoked cigarettes. After she awoke, the look lost it's appeal. She briefly transitioned to pastel goth before dropping the goth style altogether.
  • Lydia wanted to be a painter when she grew up, but she is not very good at it.
  • Lydia doesn't consider herself a gamer, but absolutely dominates in FPSs on the rare occasion she plays them. This is partially her FBI training, and her magically-enhanced reaction time and accuracy coming into play.
  • She prefers playing Nintendo games, though. Although they're all fairly easy for her, she really likes the art and humor that goes into them.
  • Lydia did, in fact, really enjoy Paper Mario Paint Splash.
  • Speaks fluent Spanish
  • Lydia's not into monster girls, but she is very much into robots. Capricorn's a pretty humanoid robot but Lydia actually finds GLaDOS hot.
  • Portal, is in fact, her favorite video game, and not just because of the above point.
  • Lydia has an encyclopedia like knowledge of guns and knows how to assemble and dissassemble a lot of them but she will VEHEMETLY deny being a gun nut even though she does kinda get excited about them at times
  • Follows the Paleo diet but breaks from it from time to time. Is a total health nut.
  • Lydia doesnt want to grow her hair out longer since it makes her look younger than she is. But, in the future, when she's older and married to Capricorn, that becomes something she wants.
  • Dedicates a portion of her thrice-weekly exercise routine to exercise without using her aura, for good health. Exercising while using it strengthens the aura, but doesn't strengthen the body much.

Lydia is an archetypical healer. Because her heals are Holy based, they deal damage to demons and undead instead. She doesn't bring much else to the table other than strong heals and defensive buffs for your team, but she can deal heavy damage to anyone vulnerable to Holy, and is actually amongst one of the stronger late-game characters.

 Her promotions are to High Priestess and Paladin. High Priestess ups her support power even more, and gives her the legendary "Cloud Nine Healing Buster," an ultimately destructive beam of pure healing energy that can fully heal any ally caught in the blast... and annihilate every demon. Paladin gives her signficantly more durability and attack power, upping her defensive buffs, and letting her handle solo-combat much more effectively.






Healing Mage



  • Heal (Already Taken)
    Standard Action (3 Mana): Heal a target ally, or deal holy damage to a Dark enemy.
  • Virtuous (Greater Talent)
    Passive: Healing an ally with any ability also heals yourself slightly. Healing yourself doesn’t count.
  • Holy Bullets (Greater Talent)
    Attacks deals Holy damage.
  • Silver Bullets (Greater Talent, requires Holy Bullets)
    Attack power increased vs Dark enemies, and deals Light-element DoT to them.
  • Prayer (Greater Talent)
    Full Action (7 Mana): Heal all allies in an area around you. Doesn't affect enemies.
  • Great Prayer (Greater Talent)
    Prayer now affects dark enemies.
  • Revive (Greater Talent)
    Full Action (12 Mana, 5 turn CD): Revive a fallen non-dark ally at 50% HP.
  • Sanctuary (Greater Talent)
    Standard Action (5 mana): Provide defense and magic resist to allies in a 7*7 area.
  • Grace α (Greater Talent)
    Increased Light Resist to A+ (50%)
  • Grace β (Greater Talent)
    Light Resist further increased to A++ (25%)
  • Spellcaster α (Lesser Talent, 20 levels)
    Increased magic power.
  • Defensive α (Lesser Talent, 20 levels)
    Increased defense.
  • Cleanse (Greater Talent)
    Free Action (3 turn CD, 5 mana): Remove all debuffs from an ally. Most self-afflicted debuffs cannot be cleansed.
HP:24 PHYS:Squishy Defensive Support Healer, with some Holy Damage


High Priestess

  • Promotion bonus: Gain increased defense, magic, and resist
  • Grace Ω (Greater Talent)
    Immune to Holy damage, A+ resistance to Unholy.
  • Holy Ward (Greater Talent)
    Standard Action (6 mana) Gives everyone in a wide area A+ (50%) Holy and Unholy protection. Lasts 2 turns.
  • Shielding Strikes (Greater Talent)
    Basic attacks against targets increase your defense and resist against them substantially for 1 turn.
  • Promotion Bonus: Gain increased magic
  • Mantra of Virtue (Greater Talent)
    Standard Action (8 mana): Increase the power of all your healing for 3 turns.
  • Cloud 9 Buster Heal
    Standard Action (20 Mana): GP Lydia’s ultimate attack. She fires a 3 tile wide beam of ultimate healing power. It’s twice as effective at damage than it is at healing, but it still heals a huge amount.