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Percy is a prince, but also on the throne of the White kingdom. He dislikes the idea of the title "King Percy". Prince has always seemed better to him.

Percy and Sakura were the main characters of the first original story associated with Sallentine. (Run-about)

Percy met Sakura after a mysterious stranger attempted to assasinate him. Wounded and unconscious, Percy was nursed back to health by Sakura, who at the time was oblivious to his identity.  Not too long after recovering, he invited Sakura to live in the Sky-Top palace.

When Sakura declined, and instead decided to at last pursue her life-long dream of traveling the world, Percy became distressed and started a Game in an attempt to persuade her to come back to the White kingdom. (Her first destination had been Hallowsen, which was on the border of the Lost kingdom.) His distress eventually threw the dream-magic that made up Sallentine into array, causing serious catastrophic consequences. The problem was eventually resolved, concluded by Sakura's return to Sky-Top.

Apart from the Runabout fiasco, Percy is known for being calm almost 24/7, rarely being angered, scared, or stressed. While he occasionally has his pyscho moments, for the most part he's a pretty pleasant and dapper fellow. Percy is least likely to forget something, but despite that he geniunely tries to get along with Wykin as best as he can.

Percy is a rather welcoming fellow, and likes to be friendly! However, if you're associated with enemies of himself or his friends and family, he'll likely be hostile.

He often visits and helps out Koa, his neighboring king~ The two get along extremely well, being practically best friends. They've known each other since before Fari's going violent, from the Annual Monarchy Conventions. <3

Percy hosts The Games in the White kingdom. These Games are magic-driven by Percy alone. They generally feature miscellaneous Scavenger hunts, with wonderful prizes for the winners. Percy has once hosted a Game in which players were supposed to find and try to convince Sakura to go back to the White kingdom. Noone won, as she ended up coming back of her own accord.

Percy's also got a snake form, a result of Wykin's experimentations! It has the side-effect of making him crave eggs almost constantly- even in human form- but he tries to tolerate it all regardless. Percy can willingly switch between the two forms, but rarely uses the snake form unless Wykin forces him to.