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Basic Info

Reference Images

When drawing Susie, please use the first or second image as reference.


Her hair is tightly coiled (afro) tied back. Don't draw her hair with any other texture, thanks.


Feel free to experiment and pick colours freely! I like it when people don't colour-pick the references.


Susanne "Susie Kicks" KotovaREDUX


Species Domestic Cat: Russian Blue
Gender Cis Girl
Age 26 yrs
Height & Weight 1,?? m (?'?") ?? kg
Residence Mainland ???
Occupation Musician and IT Security
Orientation Lesbian

+ Robotics, science, technology, music, making
music, friends and closeness.
- Selfishness, greed, overspending, recklessness,
wastefulness, abandonment and pollution.

Susie is a very bright and cheerful person. People often underestimate her due to this, which she is occasionally happy to take advantage of. It doesn't bother her that others who don't know her well tend to look down on her. She sees it as an advantage if needed to prove them wrong. But at times when people she look up to don't believe in her, it can really get to her. Susie's clever, but also a bit of a slow thinker, often needing more time to think (sometimes out loud) about whatever she's trying to figure out. It's sort of like the whole rabbit and turtle speed race analogy.

Her favorite hobbies are robotics and music. One duty she's given to herself is to help robots in need, she absolutely love and believe in the future of robots, if only organics would embrace them fully. She rescue robots by going to different robot landfills and burning centers. Trying to find a robot with enough life in them, she brings them home to repair them if possible. She lets the robots either stay and live with her, or let the robot decide for themselves where they want to go.

Susie has a stage name called "Susie Kicks". She and her band go onto radio stations to hack the frequency to remix the song playing on air, live. Her band is called REDUX, and they target specific radio channels that air propaganda (both speech and music.) She lives together with her two other band members in a small house.

Abilities: Like her species (Domestic Cat) she has good flexibility, speed and agility. Always lands on all fours when she falls to the ground.

Looks: Susie is a russian blue, her fur is a medium cold gray. Her fur is fluffy at the end of her ears and tail. She has a black afro, with her bangs tied backwards tightly. Her eyes are dark, unlike a "classic" russian blue. Her face is kind,
which makes her look friendly and easy to approach. She's a tad short. Her flesh and blood is red.