Kurokami Hakouro



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Kurokami Hakouro

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Kuro is known to be a melancholic sort, though he is curious about the world around him. Some have said that hie eyes seem to stare into the ether, others simply say he is haunted by the experiences that have shaped him. He cares little for appearances though he respects the sacred colors of his people. His friends and protectors help him pick his dress.

He works to help the common folk and rarely raises his voice, though he has a special disdain for Izen, the lord of darkness and chaos. When given a job or a task he prefers to handle it in the most efficient and direct manner possible. Though outside of his studies and discovery of the world outside the monastery he can be a bit aloof, and often finds himself lost in his thoughts. His smiles are rare and often directed at his companions. Overall he is polite, and his calm and contemplative exterior hides a whirlwind of restrained emotions, both positive and negative.









 A child born with the red of Izen, the shimmering blue of Yue, and purple of balance. His birth was an auspicious one indeed, and well known among his peers. As a child he was chosen to be an acolyte of balance. He was trained in the ways of holy scripture, and the art of fighting to protect. On the cusp of adolescence he was put into a sect of warriors, scribes and priests in training to be candidates for the Prince of Eros. A position chosen by the gods of the realm. The previous had died recently and a new successor had to be chosen before the land fell to ruin.  The  candidates went through heavy training and trials of fortitude. Until eventually only a few of the once large group remained. The remaining few were called into a sanctuary for a final test. What that test was Kurokami will never say though he came out bloodied and bearing a mark. 

That night he disappeared from the temple. He spent the next two years in the astral plane learning how to hone his spirit and mind as well as his body. Being taught day by day by the very beings he had worshiped all his life to channel the power that he would be given.

After that he was brought before the council of gods and a ritual was performed linking his soul essence to that of the planet. Promising to care for its people and place their lives and burdens on his shoulders. He was sixteen. And there he stayed. His biological aging had been stopped so he could be preserved in time, living, and so Eros would prosper also.

He traveled, learning about the world that he had sworn to protect. Learning about its people. Helping those he could. Mourning over those he lost. After an altercation where he nearly died he was assigned a paladin to help him in his task, Etokai Senta. The two eventually learned to trust another after a close run with a band of brigands.

A few months later he helped a local lord recover their daughter from some kidnappers.  Kuro held the young sorceress in his arms as they plunged from the second story of the inn where she was hidden, and it was like a fairy tale. He started coming for frequent visits to the lord’s estate which brought him great fame. The two fell in love. Her name was Hatsuka Kikiyai. He began calling her his Hime, and she started sneaking out to adventure with him. Eventually she stopped going home, and became a permanent part of their trio. He loves them both dearly. 



Bullet; Green  the laughter of others
Bullet; Green  discovery
Bullet; Green  skilled opponents
Bullet; Green  the feel of the wind
Bullet; Green  swimming
Bullet; Green  sweet foods
Bullet; Green  connecting with kind souls
Bullet; Green  loyalty, meditation

Bulletcrimson Izen
Bulletcrimson bitter foods
Bulletcrimson the smell of blood and ichor
Bulletcrimson those who openly display their wealth and power
Bulletcrimson politics
Bulletcrimson receiving gifts
Bulletcrimson possessiveness
Bulletcrimson threats




(+) Kuro's body has been blessed with an undying power, he doesnt age nor will he die from wounds that may be considered fatal to others of his race. he can survuve being stabbed, drowned, beaten, crushed and other manner of terrible things. If he becomes so injured he would die he instead goes into a trance-like stasis where his body solidifies into a semi crystaline state and begins to heal. it is unknown if he can survive beheading.

(-) This healing isnt insantaneous not does it mean that he cant feel the pain, it can take him anywhere from half a day to weeks or even months of being in stasis to recover.

(+) Kuro knows a few different schools of magic, such as minor illusions, elemental spellsword, and a bit of healing.  kuro draws his power from the planet Eros by taking the engery into himself condensing it into a form of engery consumed by his crystal and speaking words or writing symbols to release the engergy as he needs.

(-) this means if he is away from his planet/dimension etc, he has a very diificult time using his magic, as he must draw frm the same engery that gives him immortality. if he is gagged or bound or his etherium taken away he cannot cast at all.

(+) he is adept at performing though he finds it embarising and can sing and dance rather well.

(+) he can swing a sword with reasonable skill though nowhere near as good as a trained warrior or swordmaster.

(-) like all erosians he will begin to fall violently ill if he is without contact to his etherium for an extended period of time. becomign ferverish, sickly and my become bedridden after a few weeks, because of his unique makeup he will not doe from this btu will instead go into stasis until it is returned.





 Design Notes


- Kuro keeps his hair rather short, but it occasionally grows to his shoulders before he remembers to cut it
- His eyes are a shade of violet normally but under VERY specific circumstances they can turn red or blue
- Must be wearing his necklace, he becomes sick if it is taken away for too long (its part of his race)
- gets injured pretty frequently

clothing descriptions:

1: His normal wear, he displays both his crest of his order and his soul openly, It is a modified version of the clothing worn by trainees and paladin-to-be of his order, the shirt underneath is made of Erosian chain, a lightweight and durable cloth that has been enchanted to provide the same protections as a thin chainmail layer would

2: The holy garb he wore whilst receiving instruction on magic and meditation from the goddess of light and order, yue. The wing shown is part of the magic of the breastplate at it allowed him to move freely in the skies of the ethereal plane, as proud as he was to spend his days with her, his time was cut short and he had to move on. Her motherly warmth and kindness will stay with him forever.

3: Kuro has a strong emotional attachment to the robes of an acolyte of balance, he had worn these day- by-day through most of childhood, though he has graduated from them now, he occasionally will spend a few days at his old home wearing them and recieving wisdom form his elders

4: This youthful outfit is worn when kuro goes on diplomatic missions, green is the color of royalty and thus he only wears it when he is in a position where he needs to exercise his authority. it can also be worn with a silver green and gold short cape.

5: This was worn during his dark months of deadly training with the other half of balance: Izen the lord of chaos, entropy and the dark. The grueling combat exercises may have killed kuro had there had not been skilled healers there. Most times he was not given proper rest, and thus would have to resume his work with red raw scars from the half done healing. These were removed before his official ceremony with the pantheon.

6: A simple tunic and cloak makes up this simple traveler's look, it was gifted to him by his first companion. it is used when they must travel unnoticed.

7: The fur of a great cat lines this set of clothes, coupled with an iron will, let him and his companions travel the inhospitable winds and snow of the north.

8: this garb is light and cool, and allowed kuro to blend in with the desert peoples of the hot and arid wastelands. He has some fond memories of quite a few towns that he traveled through. His missions rarely send him back. it was bought for a few coin at a market on the edges of the desert. it is worn with or without the scarf.