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 Warning; I will block if you: 

  • GIVE UNSOLICITED OFFERS ON CHARACTERS NOT UP FOR TRADES (Didn't think I had to add this to my warning  but its back to stay) PLEASE, unless I have offered them to you, no offers!! I have character with trade listings AND/OR specific tags, offer on them only.
  • Offer characters for trade and you are unsure about the trade...
  • Interact with AI art, I don’t feel comfortable with you around my art please move along 

 Other than that I'm pretty chill, I enjoy people favoriting and interacting with my  characters but those two factors are getting a little out of hand and my anxious brain won't let me respond in DM so I'm saying it here.

I also don't do character pings, it makes me anxious

Things to know

Most characters are thumbnail only for public viewers, I'm paranoid

I maybe not post actively but I AM pretty active on toyhouse. Unless I’m checking, I won’t know comments are being made as comment notifs are off. The notifs give me anxiety

I'm super chill I swear just super cautious

Don't follow if tiddies scare you lol 

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