Herbi was designed via meme with the help of my twitter followers suggesting one trait at a time! Thanks, friends! I had a ton of fun working out how to design a coherent, usable character from such silly and varied prompts.

  • their full name is Herbiualo, Herbi for short
  • not a sentient 1963 Volkswagen Beetle from a movie franchise
  • possibly a love bug tho
  • left-handed. wishes lefty keytars existed. their engineer dad keeps offering to help them make one custom, but their orange shs-10 is so cute...
  • a competitor in Catband. chill, bubbly, friendly with the other contestants. the opposite of "I'm not here to make friends"
  • operatic arena emo punk
  • yeah
  • not really expecting any kind of success; here to have fun and show off their unique thing
  • the kind of person who knits all the time to keep their hands busy and nerves calm; want a scarf? bc they're probably going to get through a few over the course of the competition. they'll let you pick the colors
  • you really should let them pick tho bc their sense of style is impeccable
  • owns a pet hedgehog named Walt, after Whitman
  • Walt is illegal in NYC but Herbi is a criminal for love
  • their fave animals are sharks but those are super illegal
  • probably????? the apartment space would probably be a challenge either way
  • Jaws sequel apologist
  • the shark in Jaws: The Revenge was totally justified ok
  • loves animals-gone-wild moves in the vein of Roar or The Birds and confident they'd be able to handle theirself better than all those movie protagonists
  • not gonna try it tho