L'histoire Avera "Evi"



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Basic Info

Formal Name

L'histoire Avera



Name Meaning

L'histoire - (French meaning "The story" or "History"), Avera - Hebrew name meaning "Transgresses", Evi - Israeli name meaning "Unjust"


Unknown (Appears to be "untouched by time"; 16 years old; It is known that she is the oldest among the other deities)


Genderfluid/Agender; some regions refer to by "she, her, hers" while other regions refer to by "he, him, his"; both regions depict very ambiguous in gender; Overall has no preference in pronouns, but often uses female ("she", "her", "hers")


Vestigil (Sigil version)


Knowledge and War

Personality Highlights

(Previously): Jovial | Curious | Playful // (Presently): Stern | Serious | Strict | Temperamental | Honest | Outwardly bubbly | Two-faced | Hard Working | Judgmental | Fanatic about her job | Ruthless | Severe | "Unjust" | "Sadistic" | Patient | Cautious about her decisions | Definitive about her rulings


Lawful Neutral


Deity of Justice and Sovereignty (Associated with Sky/Truth and Law)


STR 23 DEX 17 CON 21 INT 21 WIS 29 CHA 22


Kepi Indrani's rival , Sirius's assigned deity, Nin Kala's friend, Kashi Pimchan's friend


Day of Oaths (First day of spring) - Considered a good luck day to swear oaths and allegiances for the future, Day of Dues (First day of fall) - Considered the day when people make treaties, pay dowries and partake in trail by combat (Basically, everyone getting what is "due" to them)

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Personality: Evi was once a very cheerful and curious type of deity, some even called her playful, but now she is seen as very serious, stern, and strict by most regions. She also has a vicious temper when angered. She detests liars, to the point she is incapable of telling a lie herself. While on the outside this deity might seem bubbly, she is very serious about her work and takes extreme measures to enact justice. Her many eyes ensure that she does not miss anything and some even fear her omniscience which she finds both humorous but also quite wise. When it comes to Evi, some might say her looks are deceiving because she appears to be innocent when she is actually quite ruthless.The name she goes by, though it means "unjust", is based on how severe her punishments can be towards those on the opposing side of what she considers to be justice. She is indifferent to anything but the truth of a situation and acts only once every detail has come to light, and because of this some people think she is slow to making a decision.

Life Before Ascension: [COMING SOON]


* When Lato first came into existence all of the deities were winged creatures. Evi is now the oldest out of the deities in Lato, as many have passed on their responsibilities to other deities or died during The Divine Uprising which was a period of time when many Guardians had lost loyalty towards their assigned deity. While it was considered a taboo for Guardians to kill their deity because of their principals, this was the first time that there was mass chaos among the deities in Lato and this all occurred before the rise of the First Emperor. Before the Divine Uprising, Lato was a much more peaceful world and frequently had fairweather...

* It is rumored that she got into a fight with Kepi Indrani and this is how she lost her right eye. Whether this is true or not has never been known as most do not talk of the deity's missing part out of fear she may lose her temper. The truth is that Evi was previously the Deity of Honesty and Fairweather but during The Divine Uprising she had been thrust into a new portfolio. Kepi had become a newly arisen deity in power of Justice and controlled the Seas of Lato after having murdered the deity of which he was formerly the Guardian to and then set his sights for Evi's mantle as well. His greed was his downfall, however, as she had already arranged plans to overthrow him which dethroned the awqari of the power of Justice. Unfortunately, she lost her right eye and the power over Fairweather which was warped into Storms thereafter. It was considered "an eye for an eye", as she liked to claim. She still feels wronged though and holds a grudge for all the trouble that Kepi had caused.

* Though Evi is missing her right eye she makes up for it with the several that come across her wings and those upon her tail as well. The oddly shaped "gems" or "stones" as people like to call them formed after she had become the Deity of Justice and Sovereignty as an adaptation for her lost eye. Often when people see her they think that she just has strange decoration and symbols of some sort across her various body parts, when actually the unusually marked "stones" act as several new eyes would. The few that learn of her new sight or worship her believe that she can even see into different planes with them.

* She is both seen as a messenger of truth and a judge of everyone's character. Those who pray to her may be blessed by enlightenment of the truth such as a cheating lover by hinting at clues, thus the "messenger of truth" side. Others are bestowed a curse such as having lost their ability to speak should they tell a lie in the eyes of the law and thus her "judge of everyone's character" side (Sometimes these can be more severe as to have literally lost their tongues, but that is not always the case. Usually it depends on how serious the crime, whether it be murder or theft).

* Evi takes great pleasure in the Day of Dues because she enjoys the trial by combat portion. The deity has her very own "champions" for the event of trial by combat. Rarely does she participate herself, claiming that she wants to give the guilty a "fighting/fair chance" or usually if the person is actually innocent. She often invites Kashi Pimchan and Nin Kala to the events. Luckily for her, she cannot see into the future as Nin Kala does, as she says it would "ruin the fun" though the outcome is often predictable to her as she often already knows who is guilty and who is not.

* She is considered a Deity of Sovereignty not only because she is the oldest among the current regime of deities but because she managed to dethrone a deity of his power (Being Kepi Indrani during the Divine Uprising) as well. Therefore she has been deemed worthy of managing rulership in Lato.

* Evi is the matron deity of humans and some diurnal Lilidae tribes. [More to come.]

[UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Some concepts might need tweaking, particularly the "messenger of truth" and "judge of character"]