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netele probably........ gay


Reading, rainy days, umbrellas, cobblestone streets, street lamps, piano music, clear nights, weeping willows, sleeping, quiet contemplation, wide-brimmed hats, long walks, fancy restaurants, antiques, listening to others, candles, massages, long baths, expensive lingerie, the inevitable end of all existence.


Those who are loud and unavoidable, wild parties, summer, messy foods, violence, disrespectful people, being interrupted, sarcasm, uncomfortable furniture, fabrics that don't breathe, when umbrellas get blown inside-out, bright lights.


Augustine Mirevoix

Basics:She/her pronouns. Unknown age. Born August 30th.
Obtained:September 17th, 2016

A member of something usually called the Void Cult: a cult with many sects worshiping various deities associated with darkness, death, emptiness, and nothingness. Augustine is very serious about her religion, producing many writings about her feelings toward the void. She specializes in poetry, frequently releasing long, dream-like collections of poems of existential thought written with the same tenderness one might write to a lover with. She's also notable for her glowing golden eyes and the tentacles that sprout from her spine; considering she's from what seems to be a normal Earth, one can only wonder where those came from...

old stuff:

content warnings: suicide mention


 calm  💫  inexpressive  💫  quiet  💫  serious  💫  understanding

     augustine is quiet and calm, never seeming to change her expression. as such, people tend to assume she's cold and she has a heartless sort of aura about her, but she's actually a pretty good person. she's more shy and socially awkward than anything, though she is serious and often has a hard time understanding humor. however, she's also an understanding person and a good listener who seeks to help others and bring them peace and comfort. if you ever need to vent about something she's like the best person ever to have around


 "There is no need to be afraid of the end. It is calm. It is painless. There is peace."

     augustine was an orphan and spent her childhood bouncing around from home to home, leading an ephemeral existence. she struggled with a persistent, heavy depression that left her disenchanted with life. feeling like there was no point in it all

     now i'm lazy so i'll finish this later

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