Fletcher Holm



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Fletcher Holm

The sun showed up again. So I looked up and asked it: 'Why?' The sun looked down and brightly whispered: 'To give you another try.'

Gender Cis Man
Pronouns He/him/his
Age 19
Orientation Ace Homoromantic
Height 5'9 ft; 175 cm
DoB October 17th; 20XX
Sign Libra
Alignment Neutral Good
Talent Neon Light Dancer
Status "What'cha mean?"
are you still coming over
yeah, of course i am !!!! //(*▼▽▼)∩//
unless u don’t want me 2 anymore (▼ヘ▼;) ??
what no lmao
of course i want you here
its just been a hot minute. like are you.. good
ohhhhh!!! B)
dude, i totally lost my keys v(▼ω▼メ)ゞ … i’ve been looking for the past 30 minutes ヽ( ▼∀▼)ノ !!
oh my fucking god
can you blame me ?? it's hard to find anything around here!! (*▼o▼*)ノ
its your apartment
you chose where literally everything goes dumbass
ohhh, right.. (▼-▼*)
man, you're so smart σ(*▼▽▼*) what would i do without you?? B)
die probably
drive safe wonderboy
copy that, boss!! //(*▼▽▼)∩//
Extroverted Introverted
Instinctive Calculated
Polite Sassy
Deceptive Sincere
Indifferent Emotional
Reserved Affectionate
Lone wolf Team player
MBTI ???
Archetype Joker
Leading trait Energetic
Biggest flaw Inattentive

Design notes

  • Fletcher wears a lot of small accessories, like bracelets and rings. Practically all of these glow in the dark.
  • As well as his shuttershades! These too glow in the dark.
  • His shoes are heelies!
  • Bright pink and bright blue piercings, these glow in the dark. Wears a criss-crossed black clip to keep his hair out of his eyes.
  • He's covered in freckles, head to toe. They're pretty hard to miss.
  • His hair is dyed. He changes color a lot, but he's pretty happy with this one. His natural hair color is brown.
  • Fletcher has heterochromia! A blue eye on his left and a green on his right.


In the simplest way possible, Fletcher is - happy! No matter the situation, he’s usually got an air of cheer about him, finding a way to stay merry even when the situation doesn’t call for it. This upbeat and content attitude is usually what marks who Fletcher is as a person, what people most often remember him for. Fletcher does his best to remain optimistic for the future for the people around him, feeling satisfaction at helping or easing the people around him.

His motives are of pure intent and noble more often than they aren’t. In a way, Fletcher could be described as naive - being exceptionally trusting of those around him until given a reason to shy away, searching for a positive where there shouldn’t be one at all. This trait isn’t something Fletcher is particularly good at hiding, especially with how he seems to show genuine confusion when deceived or lied to by those around him. His vulnerability makes him easy to approach, to talk to, but it also leaves him blindsided when taken advantage of.

In some cases, Fletcher could easily be considered foolish by the people around him. Engaging in situations or activities without putting thought into his actions if he feels the need - becoming easily confused when faced with dilemmas, influenced effortlessly by the actions of the people around him. He’s been told he puts a rather compulsive amount of work into goals once he sets them, whether they involve those around him or tasks he’s set for himself. When put under stress, putting his everything into solving problems becomes the norm for him.

Wikipedia Entry

“C'mon, *party people!* I wanna hear ya make some *noise!*”

―Fletcher Holm

Fletcher Holm (born October 17th, 20XX), is the lead member of light dance group *Neon Swing* under contract of the Passionwork Entertainment label since early 20XX. His dance career began very early on in his life in 20XX through videos shared on social media, where he was shown to be dancing for the fun of it in his home for his family members entertainment. Following his overnight increase in popularity he was very soon after signed onto his label, of which he's still in contract with. He was given the title of Ultimate Neon Light Dancer through the Ultimate Academy program at the age of 18, which he still holds onto now. There was initially criticism aimed at the Ultimate Academy program for granting a title for such a specific industry, but the controversy has since died down and become rather obsolete.

Fletcher himself is shown to have an extremely energetic personality, always signed off in public or in interviews as the as the star attraction that *Neon Swing* offered. With a love for all things based in the late 80s and early 90s, his aesthetic and manners of speech often catch the attention of people without even putting forth any effort. In most interviews with the public he's been described as an *eager sort with a humble streak.* Always standing in the midst of the spotlight yet being just enough of a spectacle to keep from being seen as an egoist.

He continues to make appearances in his light dance shows along with the rest of his group-mates, as well as showing up in many advertisements all over the world for both product placement and other entertainment companies alike. Despite what many have to say about the star, it's no surprise that he's retained his popularity with both his talent in the dance field and his bright personality.

Roleplay Tracker

● Danganronpa: Coached Killing; Ch. 5 Victim

● Danganronpa: Welcome to OFF S3; Ch. 2 Victim

● MANIA S1; Survivor

● Until Truth Do Us Part; Early Quit

  • Laser Tag & Paintball

  • DIY Videos

  • Colorful Patterns

  • Keychains & Toys

  • Clowns, Mimes & Puppets

  • Junk Mail

  • Camera Flashes

  • Broken Signs

  • Hairstyling

  • Arcade Gaming

  • Old Comic Books

  • Reptile Caretaking