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A couple of important rules before you head onto my profile:

1. This profile is +18, and as such, certain characters I own will be related to sensitive topics; sexual acts/kinks, alcohol/drug use, physical & mental abuse/trauma, physical & mental illnesses/diseases/conditions, gore/blood/body horror, etc. I have done my best to add tags and warnings to the characters that such topics apply to, even so, browse at your own risk.

2. DO NOT steal my characters or claim their art as your own, unless you're the one who made the character/art in question. Art theft is never okay, and if I find out you've committed either offense, you will be blocked and reported. I am also uncomfortable with people kinning my characters or heavily basing characters off of my own, so none of that either.

3. This profile is LGBTQ+ friendly, and I will not associate with racists, sexists, homophobes, pedophiles, etc. As such, all of my characters are of different genders, sexualities, races, and practice certain religious beliefs.

4. I am open to friendly chats and messaging, I regularly joke back and forth with my partner Eldritch_Corvid, I'm a rather open person. However, if you are overly rude to me or overstep boundaries multiple times, I will not want to associate with you any longer.

5. I am totally open to people drawing fanart of my characters, just let me know first; I want to be sure they're drawn correctly, and that the art ends up in their profiles! Also, NSFW fanart is only to be drawn for characters that are 18 and up.

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