Mie (🔪Murder Mystery AU🔪)



...Unusually Bad Luck...


Mie is a highly pessimistic and instigative guy, who tends to only soften up when it comes to his boyfriend Eri (and, unadmittedly and rarely, his best friend Aiari). That's why, when they discovered a corpse in a dumpster one night while causing trouble, he took lead on a investigation done by the 3 of them. Everything was going fine-- until he was stabbed during a confrontation and relegated to a hospital bed. He despises feeling like he can't protect the others, but there's not much he can do.

Full Name  Mie
Role  Former Lead
Gender Not Important
Pronouns  He/Him
Orientation  Pansexual
Age  19
Height  5'6"
Rel. Status  Taken

You're fucking dead-- AH!