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Tjimithel Aranaol


35 (in the beginning of the story)






Note: This character is featured in a story. To avoid spoiling the whole story, some (juicy) details are excluded from the bio and some given information is based on the character's point of view and can be misleading.
Note 2: The story is a work in progress, and nothing is certain yet.


Tjimithel is 172 cm (5 ft 8 in) tall, which makes him shorter than the average male height of his race. He has a slim body type; he is flexible and agile, but lacks muscularity. His legs are strong, though: he is used to walk long distances, and he runs fast and jumps far.
Tjimithel's skin is pale gray, his almost white hair is usually on a ponytail. His eyes are black (or white if he uses his magical ring) and the irises are turquoise. His oval shaped face is angular and long and his cheekbones are clearly visible. He has an old stabbing wound on his stomach.
Clothing and accessories: Wears practical, simple clothes that keep him warm. An outstandingly red scarf is a conscious choice - a distinguishing piece of clothing keeps the focus off of his face. He has a golden, magical ring on his right middle finger. He carries a white, simple looking dagger that absorbs magic.


Tjimithel has almost completely lost his ability to use magic. He used to be very skillful and adaptive magic user, especially in the destructive field. Now he can only perform a little bursts of magic. He is skilled with swords, but he hasn't fought in many years, so his technique is a bit rusty.


Tjimithel is a independent individual who likes to keep his distance. He is very secretive about himself and his past, and he doesn't talk or smile much. He prefers being alone and avoids social situations, and he has hard time trusting anyone but himself. For the past five years he has been trying to find a way for his life, and his deepest wish is pretty much to be in peace - alone, preferably. Tjimithel used to be ambitious, even ruthless and fierce, but in the end that was an act in order to survive in a culture that sees softness of a mind as a weakness. Among humans Tjimithel had to start think differently and soften his harsh mindset. He doesn't see violence as a solution anymore, and even though he loses his temper easily, he can still keep calm in most situations.


When Tjimithel turned 30, his future in the rialanyil society was looking bright: he was the top of his class in the military school, and his remarkable skills in using magic were not left unnoticed. Everyone believed that the rialanyil god Tijafaal would give him His blessing on the Rite of age. For everyone's surprise He didn't give it, and Tjimithel had to face the fate of those who couldn't please God: death. The butcher had already stabbed Tjimithel with a magic-absorbing dagger, but just then Endaianee, the goddess of coincidences and unexpected events, transferred him through the Void to a small farming village in the human populated nation of Cessanea. An older human lady had prayed for Endaianee to help the villagers to defend themselves against vicious beasts that were killing the cattle and the people. So, when Tjimithel, a member of a race well-known for their bellicosity and open hostility towards any other races and cultures, popped out of nowhere lethally wounded by a dagger on his stomach, the lady knew that he was Endaianee's answer to her prayers. The lady healed Tjimithel so he didn't die there, but of course Tjimithel tried to flee the village. He was three steps out of the lady's house when Endaianee appeared to him and recommended him to help the villagers. Tjimithel tried to refuse and insisted on getting back home, but Endaianee reminded him that he was dead to the rialanyil by the law for not passing the Rite of age.

Tjimithel had nowhere to go, so reluctantly he decided to stay with the villagers and help them out. For over five years he lived with them, learning a new culture and language and trying to get answers for his path from Endainee, who appeared to him every now and then. The magic-absorbing dagger had drained Tjimithel's magic almost to zero, so he had to learn new ways to cope with problems. To avoid any unwanted attention he used a wooden mask on his face to hide his race.

Then happened something Tjimithel was afraid of: the rialanyil fed up with the sanctions other nations were putting on them. Tjimithel knew that he couldn't rely on hiding behind his mask anymore when the political situation was so delicate. By a chance he found a mage lady called Nekne and asked her to craft him a magical ring, but he had not enough money to pay for the job. Nekne suggested him to do a little task for her brother, and if he succeeded, she would re-consider the ring crafting. Nekne's brother was troubled with his spell experiment, and Tjimithel simply used his magic-absorbing dagger to solve the problem. As promised, Nekne crafted the ring for Tjimithel, and with his sad little bursts of magic he could put only a tiny transformation spell on the ring: the spell to change his eyes from black to white, so basically he disguised as an alnanyil (another elf race that has gray skin but light eyes).

Nekne thought that it was a funny coincidence that Tjimithel came to her and could even help her brother out of a pinch so easily. She asked that if Tjimithel, by any chance, would meet her brother-in-law Genfui on his journeys, could he send her best regards to him. Tjimithel promised to keep his eyes open.


  • Genfui Wenrid - an ally/friend
  • Nekne - an ally/friend 
  • Ainralan Aranaol - uncle
  • Delnadai - an ally 


  • Created in 2017.