🩹Aiari 📚 (🩹Murder Mystery AU🩹)



...Life Sucks Losers Dry...


Aiari was sleeping when he got the call. Probably the most sensible, when Eri and Mie discovered a body in an alleyway it was Aiari who called the cops, but also made an unsettling discovery: it was recent and could have been done WHILE or just before his friends were in the alleyway.

Aiari was briefly questioned by the cops too, but had been in bed until the victim was already dead. So there was no real connection there. 

Despite being arguably more sensible, Aiari didn't even hesitate to be part of the...impromptu investigation. He was the one to bring the essentials (ie: flashlight, first aid...) and bandaged Mie's leg after the injury.

Now it's just him and Eri on the trail of a potential serial killer. 

Please don't tell Nile.

Full Name  Aiari 
Role  Voice of Reason 
Gender Male
Pronouns  He/him 
Sexuality  who knows
Age  18 
Height  5ft 6 
Rel. Status  Single 

It's... warm. The blood is still..wet. Guys this is RECENT.