Breaker's Comments

Breaker, featherblossom, and kylee have wonderful designs and I was wondering if I could offer any customs, art, or maybe characters for them? (Also the backstory you wrote for beaker is really awesome, I would love to make some art of her sometime if that’s ok with you?)


I'm primarily looking for USD for breaker and featherblossom but I really like Venus if you'll trade them for Kylee? I know he has more art so I can offer an extra headshot of any character ^^ (I charge ~$20 for them normally)

Hey so sorry! I just actually got Venus yesterday so I don’t think I’m ready to let them go yet!

Hey I’m a bit curious, around how much usd would you look to trade breaker for? (I’m not saying I would be able to offer atm but maybe some time in the future if they were still ufo)

Thanks ^^

I'm asking $40 obo for her ^^

Oh ok, Good to know thank you!

YO THIS DESIGN IS RAD if you take art would you take a shaded half body like this? or you could feel free to look through my TH for someone >w> featherblossom_-_branch-shaded.png

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