[WIP] Crucifera Bishopi


Basic Info


Neoscona crucifera, but like a dude.


Crucifera Bishopi

Basics:He/him pronouns. 27 years old. Born May 22nd.
Obtained:October 30th, 2016

An upperclassman at Hell College who runs the Media Club there, responsible for collecting information for the school news. He's the nephew of music professor Aranaea Bishopi, but he hasn't needed any aid from her to make him a fixture of Hell College. He's an affable and friendly guy, coming off as very down-to-earth and trustworthy. While his personality is true to some extent, his passion in life is information. He loves his job and takes great enthusiasm in finding out everyone's darkest secrets and exposing them to the world. He has no shame or remorse about anything, and doesn't care what he has to do to get juicy gossip nor who he angers. If anything, all of the vitriol directed toward him just puts him in a better mood and makes him more powerful. A very frightening boy.

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