Sage (Sage's Enchanting Service)



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For now, basic bullet points on what she can do:

  • Enchant items brought to her
  • Sell pre-made enchanted items
  • Remove weak enchantments from items
  • Create single-use spell scrolls

Sage is not really looking for money, instead she is looking to barter and get other resources that she can use in other areas. She's open to a lot of possible trades and isn't really looking for anything specific at the moment. Check this page's gallery for preview sketches of some of the items.

Current pre-made items available:

  • Runic Chalk* - Can be used to cast specific pre-embedded spells when drawn on surfaces. More uses than spell scrolls but limited on what they can be used with.
  • Glowing Items* - A number of various materials ranging from pine cones to uncut, simple crystals that are enchanted to glow when activated. Provides a decent amount of light.
  • Parchment Creatures** - Novelty folded parchment animals that are enchanted to move and float around their owners.
  • Self-writing Quill - A black feather quill that will write anything it is told on its own.
  • Various Ink/Paints* - Different inks that have magic effects, such as glowing, changing colors, turning invisible, and being able to write on unusual surfaces.
  • Droplet Jewelry Set - A simple chain pendant and drop earring set that feature a floating droplet of water as the only decoration.
  • Shield Pendant - When activates, creates a temporary magical shield around the wearer. Resists magic and physical attacks.
* Denotes items that she creates in bulk and there is not a limit to how many she can create at this time.
** Denotes bulk items that she will give away without a need for a trade, especially to younger characters.