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✦ So Lonely
Name Ziron'dyreg
Gender Male
Age 109
Species Dark Elf
Class Warlock
Background Haunted One
Theme One Match
✦ About

✦ Origins

Ziron grew up in Krovhan, with a family that worked the rails, and spent most of his life living on them. Unfortunately, he reached adulthood at the same time the cold war was dying down, and the rails were being handed over to the public. But due to his comfort in the rail life, he decided to pursue a career on the surface, even supporting the expansion to the public, much to the chagrin of his parents. Ziron’s main work was jumping from train to train as a conductor, usually for whichever new routes needed someone with experience.

Eventually, he decided on a city and attempted to settle down, still mostly doing the same work but actually anchored to a tiny apartment and only working the lines that directly left from the area. This was going fine, until one of the trains he was working took a trip out to Bell, and was involved in the largest accident known to happen to the rails. Most were killed, but he managed to be one of the survivors, though ended up taking quite a while to heal from the immense damage done to his body. Afterwards, he stopped working for the rails.

✦ Present

Currently Ziron still lives out of the small studio apartment he got years and years ago, and works at the largest station in Cruthin, but not in the rail industry. He’s currently the manager of an in-station cafe, a local chain that’s known to be a little more expensive yet posh in their selections. He spends his free time between shifts reading books and newspapers on the benches at the platforms, or taking a smoking break outside.

Ziron owns a specially commissioned pair of glasses, and a stained glass parasol, for filtering the sunlight, which he ordered after deciding he was going to continue living on the surface. He smokes cigarettes made of Redflower Leaves.

✦ Stats
✦ The Team

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