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Sorry, I told myself I wouldn't use one of these because I find them annoying, tbh but I'm getting kind of sick of this so here it goes:

DO NOT OFFER on characters tagged as NFT!

NFT means Not For Trade, not for sale, not for any sort of offers, they are with me forever and I am NOT getting rid of them unless offer them to YOU first. Do not asked to be pinged if I "ever decide to let them go," do not "try your luck."

I may respond kindly in my messages but in reality I am very annoyed when this happens. My tags are not for show. They are there for a reason. Just because you don't see me updating their profiles with art or making their pages look fancy does not mean they are not being used. There is plenty I do not upload here.

Any messages I get inquiring about NFT characters will go unanswered, and if you post on their profiles asking they will be promptly deleted, end of story.

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No thanks!