yo this code is perfect for some of my ocs?? tysm for making this!!

hi,i'm trying to use this for my ocs but i don't know how to use the little bubble or side bar

hey! sorry for the late reply i don't check this account often

if you're still having difficulty with the code, can you specify what's happening? the bubble and the sidebar are where the images should be. so where it says IMGURL in quotations, you should be putting the link to the image itself. 

note that the url has to end in the file name, so pasting https://toyhou.se/5823595.apollo/19717286 will NOT work, while https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/19717286_8JDqqg7ctytHSOj.png?1580961113 WILL work. just right click the image and click view image and copy the page's url

let me know if it's something else entirely though!

I love this code, thank you so much for providing it! <3 https://toyhou.se/711486.-hanalea- (I used it on like... all of my non-cs characters <3)

Hi!! I Love this template and  I wanted to use, can you explain to me how I change his colors ??

Hey! Thank you for the interest and kind words on the code!

I'm not sure what you mean by "his colours" though, do you mean the stat bars on the lower right? Because if that's the case, I use Bootstrap colours instead of custom colours on the code. To change the colour of the progress bars, change the bolded section found in my code:

<div class="progress-bar bg-primary " role="progressbar" style="width:25%; height:8px"></div>