1 year, 7 months ago


Guess I'm calling the skelesona Chey now

  • name: Chey
  • age: 24
  • Height: taller than most of her friends
  • pronouns in order of preference: she/them/he
  • Orientation: demi (tends to lean towards females)
  • quiet/ lazy/ tired
  • tired is a constant mood
  • sometimes smokes to look cool and to really sell off the 'i'm fucking tired' look
  • perks up when engaged in witty banter or jokes
  • has the driest sense of humor
  • genuinely cares about her pals and sometimes wants to coddle them, but gets too embarrassed to do anything
  • she's conscious about her softer side and gets upset thinking that her attempts of being a comforting presence get brushed off cause she doesn't usually behave like she cares
  • generally quiet unless around her friends or you somehow get her to talk about her hobbies
  • would be the type to pull up a chair and watch the world burn and somehow fall asleep anyway
  • says "ya'll" a lot
  • even when going out with a group of her friends, she'd somehow wander off by herself without anyone noticing
  • likes doing things at her own pace
  • has a collection of scrunchies, mostly because she tends to lose them