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I love looking at all the different layouts you've made! I'm so glad you like my code!!! Thank you for using it and showing me!!

This is such a cool code! I’m using it for one of my characters rn and plan to use it again for another! Thanks for making this :D

also it’s rly fun to set up, all the lil notes u put in were really helpfu and kept it organised!

This comment makes me so happy, makes me feel like I actually accomplished everything I was setting out to do with this code! So thank you for using it and liking it!!

Np! It really is a cool code :D. Thanks for making it!


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this is literally the coolest idea ever omg. i’m gonna test this out on one of my ocs later, tysm for this,,, i cannot focus long enough to write for the life of me, so the option to have little-to-no information is a LIFESAVER

Thank you so much!! And I'm so glad! I personally cannot for the life of me do up all the stuff you need to make most character profiles look good, but I didn't want to doom all my characters to mini profiles. So a layout I could add to as I finished stuff (or that looked good even if I never added anything else) was something I really wanted to make. c:

Quick question, can non-paying TH members use it? 

I know we can use basic codes but I'm not sure how all that works tbh

Yep! Only codes that use CSS are locked to premium accounts. Purely HTML codes are fine for free users.

Some uses combined with custom CSS!

one two

Currently using it here!
I also plan to use it on a few more profiles.

currently using it here!

Used here! Awesome code, it's the only one I use anymore because it's so customizable!

I love this, great idea too make it modular! I wanted to quickly ask if I could combine it with another code - not like putting your modules into someone else's code (I got that part lol), but well, like this: (obv will remove if it's not okay. Probably being overcautious here but I figured I'd best ask)

It's just I don't have a lot of info on all my characters and would like to keep the little box on top consistent across all of them. Either way thank you for your time and effort!

That's fine! Frankensteining my code is totally fine so you could even smash them together more if you wanted! 

I just don't want people like, taking a bunch of pieces and then putting that up like its a new code if that makes sense? 

Thank you for asking!

Used on this character:

along with a few other characters.

Used for the feral version of this character here

Planning on using, but I was just wondering if it's possible to change the color of the main box? Other than that it's great, I just want to make sure it doesn't clash with the rest of the color scheme. Thanks!

The code uses bootstrap, so it'll change to match the site theme of whoever's looking at it! 

Custom colors are finally added lol

I'm probably gonna use this for all my characters (when I get around to it)!! This is an amazing code, and bro ily for doing this ngl sidhfksfusf here is where I used it so far if you want to see

Using this here. I'm definitely using it elsewhere as well, but this one's basically done.

This is super cool! I started using it on this oc and I'll likely use it on others as well!

This is definitely one of the most useful profile codes I've found so far! I've used it for my Code Vein OC and plan to use it for other characters!

This is super neat! I tested it out on my son and am gonna use it for my other characters as well :D

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A neat thing you got going here, thanks!

Used on this lad here!

And will be added to my other kebanzus too XD

Using here! Thank you so much!!

using here, here, and eventually the rest of my kalons. ty!

This is absolutely wonderful! I only have one character done so far but here's what I've done with it: C:

Hi! This set is wonderful!! I've used it for all four characters in this folder:

Used for my fursona!! Will probably use for other characters later~!

used it again heheheheehhehehehe

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learned i love this code because i can use it on both characters i dont have much info for or characters i have too much info for while keeping everything looking nice. thank you so much ^^

using! thank you for this layout omg,,, it's so innovative hecC


If it's okay I'd love to use this code as well for my kals!<3 Thank you for making this, it's really aesthetically pleasing

Of course it is! Go for it! <3

this code is great! i'll be using it :)

I'm still filling it out as I go but I've got some stuff nice n set down! :D it's a very nice code to use & very easy to understand. I really like how flexible it is with how you can basically slap pieces wherever you want!

Looks good! Thank you for your input!