[WIP] Nashira


Basic Info


Stargazing, ambling about, astrology, reading, surreal YouTube videos, creepypasta, flying, quiet contemplation and prayer, clear weather, soft beds, foamy soap.


Not being able to calm down, pollution, unclear skies, machinery, something they want to see being blocked off, thunderstorms, feather pillows, bar soap.



Basics:She/her, xe/xir, or they/them pronouns. Unknown age. Born October 14th.
Obtained:November 6th, 2016

Nashira was born from a star: Gamma Capricorni, to be precise. She floated through space aimlessly for much of her life, passing by planets and other stars and examining them curiously. One day she happened upon the spacecraft Apis, a ship containing various members of the Discitus Union. She was allowed aboard and decided to join them on their journies, just as curious about her existence and the universe around her as the passengers were. Nashira is an extroverted and excitable person, always high energy and very difficult to keep calm or still. Her insatiable curiosity often gets her into trouble, but she's such a free spirit she barely has any comprehension of "trouble!"