Felicity Gottschalk




Pronounced | feh-LISS-ih-tee GOTTS-chaulk Age | 20
Gender | Cis Female Pronouns | she/her
Birthday | February 29th Zodiac | Pisces
Species | Angel (of Misfortune!) Orientation | Panromantic/Pansexual

"Aww man, that's the 4th bone I've broken today!"

An angel who has a kind and selfless heart. So selfless, in fact, that she approached her goddess, Chantilia, and volunteered to accept all of the world's misery so that no one else would ever experience suffering again. Chantilia accepted and made Felicity the Angel of Misfortune, dooming her to absorb all of the world's unfortunate energy.

Because of this, Felicity's life has become a never-ending chain of slapstick antics, most of which involve her getting horrifically injured or even dying. For better or worse, she revives every time she dies thanks to her newfound immortality. While most people would find this a horrible fate, Felicity has a good attitude about it and remains chipper no matter how many times per day her life takes a turn for the worse!


Being the Angel of Misfortune, Felicity is inherently unlucky. She's extremely clumsy and tends to trip over or break anything near her. If there's a 0.00000001% chance of something going wrong, then it'll go wrong for her. Though on her home planet others are protected from her misfortune due to her sacrifice, on other worlds her sacrifice is meaningless and - while not super common - it's possible for others to get drawn into her antics. As such, people tend to try and avoid her, which is just about the only thing that can get her down. Felicity understands, of course, but she loves making friends and hates that her very presence itself is often burdensome.

Despite this, Felicity is cheerful and energetic. Upon her first meeting with someone, they'd have little reason to expect that she's a whirlwind of mishaps until something bad happened. She gets injured multiple times per day and dies so frequently that she has an incredible pain tolerance, but she takes it all in stride. Instead of being shaken or traumatized by her experiences, she views them as inconveniences at worst. Whenever she gets hurt, no matter how badly, she just seems annoyed and even apologetic to others who are around to witness it!

Though her curse makes her perpetually incompetent, Felicity loves helping people and making others happy. No matter how many times she screws up, she always tries her best. Unfortunately, most of the time this does more harm than good since she would've been more helpful staying far away from whoever she was trying to help, but few people have the heart to tell her. It's not like she has much else to get excited about...


Edibles Cotton candy, and really anything sweet or colorful. She would drink a unicorn frappuccino and enjoy it.
Weather She loves clear, sunny weather, but she also likes rainbows and you can't have those without rain... it's a struggle!
Activities Reading or listening to stories, tap dancing, having things go right for once.
Colors Why pick a favorite when your favorite can be ALL OF THEM???
Misc. Rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, bows, cute animals, pretty dresses, fairytales, sparkles, glitter, chalk, painting, head pats, disgustingly attractive people, hospitals (for some reason).


Edibles Cereal that doesn't have marshmallows in it, unless it's gratuitously colorful and sweet without them. Otherwise, what's even the point?
Weather Thunderstorms. Loudness and severity aside, she tends to get struck by lightning a lot...
Activities Open discussion of lewdity, always messing up everything she touches, getting blood all over the place, scaring people away with her horrible luck.
Animals Any bugs aside from butterflies. She thinks they're all so creepy and crawly and gross...
Misc. Grossness, anything dirty, super serious and cold people, mud.



Physical Characteristics

Being an angel, Felicity has white, feathered wings. She has one pair on her back and a smaller pair on her head that seems to only exist for aesthetic purposes. More noticeable, though, is her fantastical rainbow hair, which she was granted with upon becoming an angel. It's exceedingly long and definitely aids in her clumsiness. Her eyes are less amazing but still unusual, being a solid black color (or just dark gray in art styles that require it.)

Felicity has a petite frame, being fairly short (about 5'2") and so skinny that her various breakages don't seem all that surprising. She has virtually no curves, muscle, or fat to speak of, so any illusion of shape is created solely by her clothing. Her skin is a healthy color despite the stress of repeated injury (though immortality helps with that,) and for some reason it always looks like she's blushing. Apparently she wasn't anime enough already and Chantilia had to throw on some blush stickers...?


Felicity loves dresses and skirts and really hates wearing pants. She just thinks they're uncomfortable! She likes lace and bows and all sorts of frilly things, but due to how often she gets hurt she unfortunately doesn't let herself bother with super nice clothes. They'd all just get torn up and ruined!

Felicity tends to wear a lot of bandages and gauze, usually because she's injured and actually needs them or because she anticipates she'll need them and figures she might as well stay stocked up. She thinks it makes for a cute aesthetic either way, though, so even if her curse was removed she'd probably still wear them.

Body Language

Felicity is super expressive both vocally and in body language. She speaks with her entire body and her expressions tend to be over-the-top. There's pretty much nothing subtle about her; if she's feeling something, you're gonna know what it is immediately even if she doesn't say a word.


She smells pretty much identical to the inside of a package of fruit snacks.


Probably a lot like Julie Maddalena, especially in her role as Florina in Fire Emblem Heroes! As for speech, she always speaks cheerfully and casually, though not to the point of being disrespectful. Tends to use terms like "gosh" or "golly" and has probably never heard a swear word in her life.


Felicity was born on the planet of Theosia. It wasn't a particularly odd planet. It had its times of peace and its times of war, there were plagues and famine but also periods of growth and prosperity. It wasn't much unlike Earth, for all the good and bad that means. The only real difference was more widespread religion and a goddess named Chantilia with presence and visible influence, though even then that didn't affect too much as Chantilia was widely noted to be something of a slacker. There were angels about, sure, but they seemed ethereal and always out of reach to the common person.

Felicity and her family never suffered particularly more or less than the average Theosian family, but nonetheless Felicity grew up acutely aware of the world's evils. She was an empathetic person from birth and only became moreso as she grew older. She volunteered as often as she could and spent most of her time helping others, but she always felt so small and pointless. It was good that she could make the lives of those around her better, but what of those suffering on the other side of the planet? She couldn't help but feel bad about it, always overwhelmed by the feeling that they could all be helped if she just did more.

One day while Felicity was volunteering at a church, Chantilia came down from Heaven before her and the rest of the church's staff for the purposes of getting drunk on some communal wine. This wasn't an unusual event in general - she appeared in various churches at least once a year - but nonetheless was one that required delicacy. Chantilia was a benevolent (if irresponsible) goddess, but the Theosians feared what she was capable of if angered or displeased.

At first Felicity felt honored to be in Chantilia's presence, but one can only cater to a wasted deity for so long. Eventually Felicity snapped at her and accused her of not caring about Theosia at all, since she just sat around engaging in hedonism while her creations suffered. Though her co-workers were horrified at her outburst, Chantilia didn't seem particularly upset. She didn't seem very affected at all, in fact. Her response was less divine wrath and more "that's fair, but someone's gotta suffer or else the balance of the universe will be thrown off." Without hesitation, Felicity immediately requested that she be made to burden the rest of the world's suffering so that everyone else could be happy and at peace.

With a shrug, Chantilia essentially said "okay, why not?" and transformed Felicity into an angel. Chantilia declared her the Angel of Misfortune: in exchange for the rest of Theosia's prosperity, Felicity would automatically absorb all of the world's negative energy. Rather than cursing herself for pouring her heart out to a divine being who had had one too many drinks, Felicity immediately embraced her role.

And then she tripped, clipped through the floor, and fell into the core of the planet. And then she rematerialized, had her immortality explained to her, then walked outside and stepped on some gum, got hit by a car and then got struck by lightning all at once. So continued her life for the next year or so, full of constant death and comedic agony. As time went on, though, Theosia became increasingly healthy and prosperous, and soon enough there was world peace. Felicity's lack of luck stabilized a bit, hitting a point where Theosia was so well off that there was a smaller chance of anything bad happening in the first place, resulting in less negative energy being given off as a whole. She still had horrible luck, but at least she could usually go 10 minutes without dying a horrible death.

One day she suddenly received a letter. It was an invitation to Heaven College, given to her on the grounds that she had turned her planet into a Heaven and was more than worthy of attending their institution. Eager to see if she could help other worlds and wondering what kinds of exciting things she could learn in a multiversal school, she accepted the invitation and was promptly transported there. What wacky school antics will she get into there?? Find out next time on Heaven College Z!!!

RP History

One day Felicity was chasing after a cat and dog when she stumbled on some private property. Though she feared for the worst, a green-haired woman going by SP informed her that everything was fine, and the owner of the estate - one Lady Sylvia - was looking for company, anyway. She was amazed to see the sheer amount of nature on the property, seeing plants she didn't even know existed. Soon she met Sylvia herself, whom she promptly embarassed herself in front of by tumbling into a koi pond. Sylvia didn't mind, though, leading Felicity to her massive library and offering her a meal. But Tsuki hasn't posted in there since January of 2018 so I can only assume Felicity has since been killed and eaten for dinner, RIP

She also went to a nice mall, loudly declaring her hope that nothing bad would happen today and then immediately getting hit in the face by a strange french fry, which she responsibly threw away as litter after bemoaning the waste of food.



"Umm... I'm not very good at fighting, but I might make for a good distraction...?"

Since she's an angel, Felicity has the ability to fly and is immortal. For other angels their immortality means that they're immune to any harm from lower beings at all, but due to her curse Felicity lacks this. Instead, she can get injured just as easily as a human being. Her healing factor is enhanced so she can recover from things faster than a human could, but this is outweighed by just how frequently she gets hurt. Her pain tolerance is much higher than a human, but this seems to only affect severe pain. In other words, a papercut hurts just as much as it would hurt a human, but she'd feel much less pain than a human would from getting stabbed. This helps her reactions remain mostly comedic in nature since she's never in absolutely horrific pain.

As the Angel of Misfortune, Felicity attracts misfortune and has supernaturally bad luck. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong for her, and if non-Theosians are around her they can be affected by her mishaps. For example, if she was in a library with a Theosian, there's a good chance a bookcase would fall on her but in a way that only Felicity was harmed: perhaps it fell at an angle, the Theosian dodged just in time, or something drew the Theosian's attention. If she was with a non-Theosian, however, they would be just as likely to get injured by the falling bookcase as she would be.

Even if she were to be locked up in a completely secure and padded room and completely bound, misfortune would find her. If negative energy is building up on her home planet, it'll be transferred to her no matter what. No matter what precautions are taken, if it's been too long without something bad happening to her then reality will warp to change that. It's dangerous to try and prevent bad things from happening to her, in fact, since the more energy that builds up the worse and more expansive the eventual bad thing that happens will be. It's best to just let her trip over everything and break all of her dishes.

Though she doesn't have any natural combat abilities, angels have high natural magical affinity and so Felicity plans to learn magic during her stay at Heaven College. Angels naturally lean toward healing and buffing magic, though she plans on learning elemental magic in addition to those forms of magic. What could possibly go wrong? *laugh track*


[ For information on what these stats mean, click here! ]

Element Neutral
Species Humanoid, Angelic
Positioning Skill Push: Pushes unit three spaces away, stopping if the path is blocked.
Passive Ability Luck Balance: Increases LUCK of adjacent allies by the percentage of HP this unit is missing.
Personal Weakness Takes 10% more damage from Insect foes.
Friendship Bonus +5% LUCK






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Eleutheria Parthenope

[ best friend ]

"Elly is my best bud! She's super cool and never gets mad at me for screwing everything up all the time... I dunno what I did to be lucky enough to have a friend like her!"


Haplopelma Bishopi

[ professor ]

"Miss Bishopi tries her best, and I really appreciate that! But, gosh, I feel like I'm causing her so much stress... is she gonna be okay if I stay in her class? I'm kind of a lost cause, and it's not 'cause of her teaching skill or anything!"


Monacha Passerine

[ doctor...? ]

"Doctor Passerine is, um... she's really enthusiastic about her job. Uh... yeah... That's all I should probably say..."


Date Created November 13th, 2016
Soul Color ~Rainbow~! (which is extremely abnormal actually)
Virtue Class Humility
Major Undecided
OC Blog Tag http://viremialite.tumblr.com/tagged/felicity-gottschalk

Present In

  • Heaven College

[ Role not provided for RP-original settings. ]


  • felicity personally upsets me bc i want to play as her in so many games but no games have rainbow hair and she doesn't otherwise have a dominant hair color and it's TERRIBLE!!!! this is the realest agony on earth!!!!!!!
  • The name "Gottschalk" essentially means "servant of God," which is definitely fitting. The Real reason I chose it, though, is because it kinda sounds like "God's chalk," which feels kinda fitting given her colorfulness.
  • If I had a list of my Top 10 Cutest OCs Felicity would make the list easy, I mean LOOK AT HER she's so cute ;__;
  • Felicity really likes anyone who seems like a knight in shining armor or some other dashing hero you'd hear about in a fairytale. Honestly, though, she'll fawn over anyone with a pretty enough face and a nice enough personality. Or a personality that's terrible in just the right ways...
  • (NSFW) Over the years, Felicity's pain tolerance has kind of evolved into more of a pain "hey this stuff's pretty alright, actually." Though she would never admit it and gets embarassed just hearing people make innuendos, she's a bit of a masochist and has a lot of kinks that branch from that base.


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OOC Name Altlicity
Status Alive
Primary Changes She's a full-on goddess now. These things happen.

In Interety, things diverged for Felicity at about the time she was chewing out Chantilia for her responsibility. Instead of granting Felicity's wish by making her the Angel of Misfortune, Chantilia decided that this was a good opportunity for her to slack off even harder. She decided to give up her place as goddess and imbue all of her power into Felicity, making her the goddess of Theosia. Felicity was eager to get to work, but, uh... it soon became apparent that being God was a lot more difficult than she imagined.

After a bit of being frantic and trying to fix everything haphazardly, Felicity decided she needed to get some education on how the heck to have this much power. She gave back enough power to Chantilia to manage any emergencies on Theosia, then enrolled at Heaven College.

Felicity is essentially still the same person, down to the clumsiness. Obviously not as disastrous as her normal counterpart, but Felicity was always kinda like that even before she got cursed. She's got the same basic appearance, albeit now she wears flowing robes and seems to look more mature and ethereal, as befits a goddess. Of course, she's still the same dweeb on the inside...


Owner Isoprene
Creator kariosa
Designer kariosa
Species Credit N/A
Profile Coding lowkeywicked
Background http://www.colourlovers.com/pattern/5591602/Felicity

"Wow, I haven't gotten mangled this entire visit! Not even a little!"