[WIP] Rize


Basic Info


0'7' in dragon form, 4'9" in human form.


Watching people, gardens, beautiful places, beautiful people, sweets, being held, affection, warmth, cute accessories, cute foods, small things, the color pink, nature, water, sunshine, music, insects, poofy skirts.


The cold, being yelled at, losing her words, getting lost, accidentally pricking someone, jerks, not knowing how to deal with or solve something, undersleeping, learning too much and not being sure what to do with that information, jump scares.



Basics:She/her pronouns. Unknown age. Born February 26th.
Obtained:October 19th, 2016

Something called a "rosebud dragon;" a small dragon born from a rose with limited ability to control plants. Rize was born in the royal garden of the Rose Kingdom, always hiding here and there to avoid being chased out like a pest by the groundskeepers. Eventually she aged and grew enough to be able to shift into human form, but she still mostly remained in her tiny dragon form to avoid detection. Eventually she was discovered by the princess, Velutia Aurore, who took her in and befriended her. Rize now does detective work for Velutia, using the size of her dragon form to spy on people and get information from places Velutia isn't permitted to go. She's kind-hearted and gentle, but also skittish and always worried about getting caught even when she isn't doing anything wrong.

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