just a curious apple looking for some fun!
5y - 15y he/him plant

bright - outgoing - trusting - childish - chaotic - curious - nosey - loud

smells fresh, green and fruity! there's a rumor that he tastes like a green apple,, d on't bite him tho 😭

he lives in liminal spaces: kindergartens, playgrounds, pediatry floors, the infinite green hill, ...
he likes to play hide 'n seek with his friends or people who accidently end up there (liminal space).
he doesn't have any bad intentions, but he doesn't really care what happened to those people or how they ended up there. he just wants to play!

apple can walk on walls and ceilings, but he can also trip and falls down. so it's not like like he doesn't experience gravity. he can also "grab" stuff that seems impossible to grab from where he's standing (he plays with perspective)

he doesn't really need to eat because he gets energy from the sun (phototroph, photosynthetic)
but sometimes he likes to snack on some bugs/centipedes/cockroaches from the liminal spaces (backrooms)!

roams around in:
Level 18 "Memories"
Level 33 "The Infinite Mall
Level 52 "School halls"
Level 94 "Motion"

"got some bugs i can eat?"

∙ going on adventures!
∙ dancing!
∙ having fun with friends!

∙ boring things
∙ being ignored
∙ being sick