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"My memory lingers, you'll never be the same."
Basic Info
Birth Name?
clanToreador (possibly Antitribu)
EYE COLORLight brown
AFFILIATIONUnknown/Possibly Sabbat


Possibly embraced in the beginning of the 1800s, Lennard is a mysterious person who always comes and goes as he pleases. He initially doesn't seem to be attached to anything or anyone, though there's one, secret exeption to this rule. He exists for his own pleasure and enjoys the act of siring very much - he's also notorious for abandoning almost all of his childer right after the embrace, seeing them as tainted from now on. His whereabouts are unknown.

Design Notes
  • Usually wears dark clothes.
  • His hair is mostly neatly combed back, 50s style.
  • As a priest, he rarely wears the collar.

It's hard to make out any facts concerning his human life as it's something he never really talked about. The act of his embrace is also surrounded by mystery - the only person who may have an idea who Lennard's sire was is the first childe Lennard has ever made - Dieter. However, Dieter's current identity and residence is also unknown - in fact, he's often regarded as deceased.

It's also hard to estabilish with high accuracy how Lennard's exsistence went on after he became a vampire - he often moved places, lived in many countries and took different roles. He always seemed on the run, which was caused by his fondness of the act of siring - since he always did it in a spur of emotions and without the needed permission, he was quickly recognized and hunted by the Camarilla. He managed to keep on avoiding being caught though, and eventually learnt how to master and enjoy such existence - it's estimated that he embraced around 50 people in total. Sadly, all of them were abandoned right after the embrace, which resulted in final death for most. Lennard view being human as innocent and was extremely drawn into this trait, however he also highly enjoyed tainting and breaking it - which in his eyes was the act of siring itself. After he turned a mortal into a kindred, he stopped seeing any value in that and moved on instantly.

As for today, it's not known where he's currently residing, under what name he's living and what role he's taken. In fact, so little is known about him, that it's not exactly clear if he's still around at all.

  • It's estabilished that he was briefly affiliated with the Sabbat, however it's not known if he's still a part of this sect.
  • He's not only sought by the Camarilla, but also by the survivng childer of him - some do it with revenge in mind, some want the closure and some simply have never moved on.
  • He's prentended to be many different people in the past - he took a role of a scholar, an artist, a priest, a doctor and so on. Thanks to his charisma, he's quite a convicting actor.