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  • Name Amaia Lance
  • Age 15
  • Gender Female
  • Introvert Extrovert
  • Intuitive Observant
  • Thinking Feeling
  • Judging Prospecting
"Whether I worry or not, it won't change anything."


Amaia is pretty optimistic considering that she is a vampire who grew up in a town full with humans who hate vampires. She's the type who won't get put in a bad mood when others say something rude about her or her kind because she’ll simply block it out. She was an orphan who lived in a run-down orphanage before a human took and hired her as their servant. The man who is now her master and her get along and he treats her well, unlike how other humans treat their vampire servants.


Amaia is 5'1" / 155 cm tall and has a babylike face. She is on the chubby side and jokes around saying that she must still have some baby fat left. Amaia has wavy hair that's completely black along with purple eyes and pale skin. She is in her servant outfit nearly all of the time except for when sleeping, and doesn't really have anything else to wear anyways.

  • Species Vampire
  • Job Servant
  • Sexuality Bisexual
  • ● She likes to play the violin, which is one of her only hobbies
  • ● She enjoys doing her duties as a servant, as she likes to be kept busy with doing things
  • ● Her master will often have her play the violin for his guests, and he is prideful in her ability to play well
  • ● The vampires in her town are on the verge of starting a revolution against the humans, but she has no interest in joining due to her generally avoiding conflict
  • ● Her master, on the other hand, is intersested in supporting the vampires in the revolution and is thinking about becoming an ally for them
  • savory food
  • being busy
  • classical music
  • being the short one
  • serious topics
  • thinking of the past or future
  • lazing around
  • being socially withdrawn


Emil He is a newly hired servant that works for a friend and neighbor of Amaia’s master. She wants to befriend him because they're neighbors and their masters are friends. However, he does not trust her as she has such a good relationship with her own master.