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 This character is a work in progress. Information may be missing or incomplete & his appearance is not up-to-date.


  • NameEden
  • Age+500; looks late 20s
  • GenderAgender (he/him or they/them)
  • Height174cm
  • TypeDemon (contractor)
  • Birthday 29.6 (Gemini)
  • occupation None
  • Weapon Unlimited daggers
  • magic Dark
  • Alignment Lawful Good
  • MusicTBA



A demon of knowledge, Eden is one of the few last contractor demons that are still left without a master - and he is very content in keeping things that way. Although he spends majority of his time in his personal library just reading and studying, he is kind and warm to anyone who comes to his library and politely asks for his help or knowledge. He is trustworthy and reliable, but ultimately a hermit by nature, making it hard for Eden to really spend much time out of his own library. 

Eden is the one who bestows Selene and Alain their magical abilities and helps them to fight against the corrupted soldiers of Damian.




An old demon, Eden carries himself with a noble aura that is both a result of his old age, but also due to his immense knowledge. Well-mannered and polite, Eden usually speaks in a very refined way to the point he uses very intellectual words even in everyday conversations, and that’s why others sometimes find Eden hard to approach.

Eden has lived most of his life alone, surrounded by thousands of books belonging to his home library where he lives. He collects books as a hobby but also a life mission, and he prides himself in finding just about any book anyone could desire in his personal library. Eden even possesses many first editions or even originals of books most think are long gone, and he prides himself in his ability to remember the exact location and contains of each book he owns. Books and information are what makes him excited, but as a downside Eden might come off as arrogant and pretentious over what he reads and knows: he is fast to debunk other people’s theories and ideas if he has solid proof against them, and he can be rather merciless when doing so. Eden does, however, enjoy a peaceful and intelligent discussion too.

He is highly educated from the begin with, but thanks to his book collection he is much more intelligent than most of his demon counterparts, making him one of the wisest in his world: ahead of him are only the demons that have lived for centuries already. For this reason Eden is very trusted by other demons and sometimes they are forced to come to him to ask for knowledge and information. Eden grants these to those he deems worthy of it.

Due the fact he has been alone for most of his life and doesn’t feel the need to socialize much, Eden’s social skills are lacking a little. Although he is kind and polite, he can come across as very stiff, dense and a little awkward to others. He is also a bit of a daydreamer, and with his head in clouds, he ends up not paying attention to his surroundings and is notorious for tripping and walking into things very easily. Added by the fact his motor skills can sometimes be rather poor due to him just being cooped up in his library, Eden comes across as a pretty clumsy demon.


Eden was born to a contractor demon father and an unknown demon mother. His mother died soon after his birth, however, and raising Eden became his father’s task. Eden’s childhood was peaceful and uneventful as he was rather independent and preferred books over friends. He did have friends at school, but Eden usually prioritized books over socializing.

Eden spent his first 100 years travelling around the demon realm in search for more information and books to read, and by chance he stumbled upon an old uninhabited mansion. Curiously it resided on the boarder of human and demon realm, and Eden settled down after clearing the mansion of restless spirits and phantoms. He started building his library into the mansion, and with his old friends and those he had met on his travels, he managed to turn it into a proper library.

For the next 100 years Eden spent either studying and reading in his library, or collecting more books by travelling around the demon- and human realms. He always travelled alone, and he was at the peak of his physical performance during that time: he had constant exercise and was actively adventuring even in difficult environments. He often cleaned villages out of shadows and other creatures in exchange of rare books, and he pushed himself to be social so he would learn more.

After his time of travel, Eden’s library had become huge and he started spending much more time in there. Around 200 years passed with Eden stepping out of his library only to find souls to consume (unless they came straight to him when asking to contract him) or get some new books. As the years passed by, more and more people came to his library to ask for books to read or information to have, and Eden would usually provide these to those he deemed “good” free of charge. During this time he also met Gambler, another demon like him who almost managed to contract Eden. Eden managed to avoid this by doing as Gambler told him, but being defeated and humiliated made the demon very hostile towards Gambler.

When the corrupted demon soldiers started causing havoc in both demon and human realm, the elder demons called Eden for their aid due to his knowledge on the topic. Eden was more than happy to provide his help, but was highly hesitant to actually go to the human realm to give a human with old demon blood within them an ability to fight against these corrupted fiends. However, because Eden managed to mess up and split the power between two people instead of giving it to one, he is fighting against his hermit-like tendencies and tries his very best to give aid to the two children he gave the powers to.


  • Eden is able to store his books into an invisible dimension pocket. It can fit around 20 books at once.

  • Eden used to be able to use only 7 daggers, but he now has an unlimited supply of them as a mark of his immense knowledge in magic.

  • As a contractor demon, Eden requires souls to live and in turn can grand incredible wishes to people who contract him (as contracting brings out the demon’s full potential). However, Eden is not interested in becoming anyone’s servant, and as such he has set very strict rules to how he wants to be contacted.

    Eden waits for people to bring him books: he has promised to form a contract with the person who brings him a book that both interests him and he doesn't yet have yet. In some rare conditions it's also possible Eden accepts a book that doesn't particularly interest him if it's super unique. If the demon is not satisfied with the book he has received, he eats the person's soul - and puts the book he received into his bookshelves anyway.


  • Doesn't like dirt at all

  • Souls, cookies and tea are the only things he eats/drinks. Mostly because he is not capable of doing anything else in the kitchen but making tea