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Claude Lovelace



Name Claude Lovelace
Age: 14
Height: 155cm
Birthday: 9.1 (Capricorn)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Type: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Voice: Romi Paku
Music: X & X & X & X
HTML: lowkeywicked & vom
"You can’t trust just anyone," he said with a tone more serious than Jonathan had gotten used to. "Looks can be deceiving, especially here. "
P6Xwxaq.pngJonathan's new roommate. An aspiring musician and one of the school prefects, Claude is a person both adored and feared by the other boys of the school. His good looks and strong-willed nature have gained him a lot of respect, but not everyone likes him, as he is also known to be fickle, unpredictable and even cruel towards others. However, he is a good and charismatic talker, and is usually very careful with what he says, his constitution giving away the Lovelace family's high social standing.

Although infamous for breaking just about every rule at school against the "public displays of romantic affection", Claude carries himself with great pride and the privileges of a prefect - a job he seems to take surprisingly seriously. Although teachers consider him something of a model student both in behavior and grades, the students of Lottenberg know that underneath the perfect exterior lies a monster created by the merciless noble society - and by no means is he the only one, as many other boys come from the same social standing. Nevertheless, getting along with Claude is surprisingly easy, and he's by no means openly hostile - it might surprise people to hear the rumors about him, only to be greeted with a polite smile and a handshake.

Claude is a second cousin to Ilja Volkov and a distant relative to Alois Lovelace. He's also an older brother of Rosalind.


Claude is a boy of a delicate build: he is small in size and has narrow and light bones,  oftentimes making him look even smaller than he is. He is young and still growing, but his overall features even as an adult remain very balanced, lean and noticeably feminine but not curvy. It’s easy to tell from his build he doesn’t concern himself with building any muscle mass, and as such his general build is scrawny, although not unhealthy. His skin is light and he lacks moles entirely, but he has a couple of scars on his back from the time he had a chicken pox as a child. 

He has a slightly wavy, peach blonde hair that reaches his mid-back when opened, but he usually keeps it tied up on a low pony tail. His fringe goes towards his right side, but never actually hides his right eye, and the sides of his hair are very wavy and hanging loose against the sides of his head. His hair texture is smooth and fluffy, making it look full but not thick. Claude usually wears either black or red ribbon to keep his hair tied, but the colours tend to vary, same for the width of the ribbons.  He has an average sized, slightly pointed nose and somewhat sharp face shape. His lips are noticeably red in colour

Claude’s most noticeable feature are his eyes: they’re very light blue in colour, often highlighting his pupils. He has sanpaku eyes with the lower white area of his eye always showing unless he is looking down. Added together with his permanent narrow eye shape, Claude’s eyes tend to come across as unsettling and intense to most people (Leon refers to them as cat eyes). It’s noticeable the corners of his lower eyelashes are particularly long.

He is not particularly expressive and his basic expression usually is either a cynical-looking frown or a mischievous smirk. He moves in a very graceful manner and has a tendency to give people suggestive looks, but when he is not putting on an act, Claude’s gestures and positions can come across as surprisingly stiff and serious compared to other boys his age.


  • Claude is musically extremely skilled, much of it thanks to a teaching that started from young age: before even considering flute he was taugh to play the piano, and he started attending choir from a young age. He's considered an extremely skilled flutist for someone his age (but by no means a prodigy, as much as he'd love to fancy himself as one), and he receives private teaching from several teachers in Maisier.

  • He is also interested in composing and does it sometimes on his free time, although appears to be particularly demanding of himself and scrapping most of his even promising looking notes.

  • One of the best of his class in study subjects, a result of his need to overachieve and have a control over his surroundings.

  • Excellent self control, although it also makes him incredibly demanding of both himself and others, which isn't nearly always a good thing

  • Claude is generally very eloquent; capable and careful with his words, and together with his charisma he can make quite a speaker when he needs and wants to be. However, the downside of this is that Claude is known to be somewhat untrustworthy; an adept liar people don't want to depend too much on or let Claude have power over them if they can just help it.
  • Despite his lack of physical strength, Claude actually has a very good stamina: he walks so much every day it has made him surprisingly enduring. However, the fact still stands that he has little to no physical power in him, and his body itself is small and weak: he cannot withstand being hit without moderate to severe damage, and thus he avoids physical fights and feats like a plague.

  • Surprisingly practical for an aristocrat, although the reason for why he is like this is not something Claude remembers with much fondness.


  • Music is really important to him and one of the only outlets he has for his feelings, as he often tends to lack in ways to express them or sort them out.

  • Very orderly and likes to keep things arranged; dislikes chaos and needs to have a control of his own situation and things around him, often also including other people. He gets very stressed out and agitated if he can't have a proper control of his surroundings, and can't handle extreme stress in any other than destructive way, usually damaging both himself and those around him in some way or other.

  • He has a tendency to explain everything he does to himself, as if to reassure himself that what he is doing is right and the smart thing to do, regardless if it's the truth.

  • As the middle child of his family who always felt like he didn't get enough attention from home, Claude tends to seek external validation from other people, often in a form of affection from other boys. He also craves for physical contact, hardly shying away from any situation where he just can get that. He is very proud, however, and doesn't want to be considered too cheap in his actions, and does need to keep the risk of getting caught and his family name tarnished in mind.

  • He is a bit touchy about the fact he looks like a girl, even if he doesn't think of it as a bad thing by any means. Although he seems to be fine wearing feminine accessories, there is a certain line he isn't comfortable crossing.

  • Despite what he generally is like, Claude is surprisingly responsible: he actually carries out his prefect duties and does his school work in time. He usually doesn't go back on his words either, at least when he's making these promises as a prefect.

  • A second cousin to Ilja from his mother's side, and a distant relative to Alois from his father's. 


Claude is noted to be very hard to read: it's often difficult to tell when he is being sincere and when not, and this usually unsettles people and makes it harder for them to approach him. There are also plenty of rumors surrounding him, most of which also seem to be true: it's no secret to anyone Claude is constantly breaking the rules prohibiting romantic displays of affection, and those who oppose him often end up paying the price of it. However, due to his high social rank within the school's own internal hierarchy, Claude can usually do whatever he pleases with little to no consequences - which infuriates many. Recently he has also acquired the privileges of a school prefect, as if to further increase his social power over his fellow students.

However, because Claude puts up an air of intimidation, he doesn't actually seem to have friends of his own at all, and many feel like it's unwise to get too close to him anyway: he isn't known to be a particularly genuine person, and seems to put himself above others in everything he does. Likewise his emotions are volatile and even clumsy at times, and it's questionable just how good Claude's social skills are beyond the superficial front he puts in order to get by; people don't really know what Claude really is like deep down, for better or worse.

There is undoubtedly a lot on those narrow shoulders he has to carry - a family name, prefect duties and the wish to make name as a musician - but nobody knows how to help him, and why should they care? Claude has made everyone feel like he is there for their entertainment, despite the things he is capable of doing if you cross him. He is regarded as the plaything of the school, whether or not this is the actual truth.


This character is going to appear in the Sinfonia visual novel. This section is stub to avoid spoilers

Claude comes from a rich noble family consisting of mother, father, an older brother Lawrence and younger sister Rosalind. As the middle child Claude always felt like he didn't get as much attention as his other siblings, resulting in him distancing himself from his parents and gaining his independent and solitary nature. Although rather impulsive and bad tempered, Claude learned to control and present himself favorably as not to give other nobles a reason to make fun of his family or make them lose face. While he was often bullying his siblings, he was also fiercely protective of them if anyone dared to make fun of them, a sentiment that has followed him even to older age.

He was initially forced to play the piano as was common for those of his standing, but after some years Claude discovered flute and switched to it, finally finding genuine joy in music and playing. He also attended choir for 6 years, although was not all too enthusiastic about it and did it mostly for a good public image. The reason he attends the boarding school despite the long distance is because he found a flute teacher from the same town, an elderly woman who used to be world known in her flute playing and later teaching, and who is familiar with Claude's mother. While his family does support Claude's decision in pursuing after music, Claude knows especially his extended family is disappointed in his career choice and wishes he would get into politics or marketing instead.


Jonathan Linden

[ roommate ]

A new student in Lottenberg, and Claude's new roommate. Claude's feelings about him seem rather complex, to the point perhaps even Claude himself isn't quite sure of them.


Christian Miller

[ previous roommate ]

Claude's previous roommate; the boy who went missing. Although his relationship to Claude appears to have been extremely complex and confusing, it's clear Claude has been affected strongly by his disappearance.


Edmund O'Malone

[ classmate ]

A classmate and one of the self proclaimed knights of Claude's. Claude seems to merely tolerate him around, although has never explicitly told him to leave so perhaps they're cool.


Oliver Blackwood

[ classmate ]

A classmate and one of the self proclaimed knights of Claude's. Claude seems to merely tolerate him around, but does seem to enjoy listening to Oliver ranting about the noble circles.


Kennith Albrecht

[ associate ]

A beautful first year and one of the self proclaimed knights of Claude's, some say Claude keeps him around only to make sure Kennith won't try to compete with him for the title of most beautiful boy in school. Claude never denies nor confirms this.


Thomas Acker

[ friendly rival ]

A fellow classmate with high grades, there is an unspoken bond between the two as the top students of their year group. Although they're not necessarily friends, they are each others' friendly rivals.


Leonhard Millan

[ dislike ]

One of Chris' previous roommates. While Claude doesn't necessarily hate it, Leon's aggressive attitude has made Claude dislike him greatly. However, he doesn't consider Leon a real threat to him in any capacity.


Walter Harvey

[ dislike ]

While nowhere near as aggressive towards Walter as he's towards Claude, he nevertheless doesn't have particularly positive feelings about Walter. Claude is also aware Walter is very much a man who can match him in verbal debates and hates him for it.


Aurel Volkov

[ second cousin ]

Second cousin from his mother's side, Ilja is several years his senior and prior to the events of Sinfonia they're barely even aware of each other since they never shared the same school building in Maisier. Claude respects Ilja as an older relative.


Aurel Volkov

[ relative ]

Though Aurel died long before Claude was born, he's very aware of his relative's colorful past and mixed reputation. In public he may condemn Aurel's actions, but deep inside admires him greatly and to some degree even sees him as a role model.